3 operating modes of optical digital microscope

An optical digital microscope is an optical instrument that can magnify the image of a tiny object which can not be resolved by human eyes, so as to extract the information of fine structure.  

Since the advent of microscopes, people have been able to see many tiny organisms and the cell, the basic building block of living things, that were never seen before.  The light microscope gives us a further understanding of the law of living things.  Most of the experiments stipulated in the general middle school biology teaching syllabus are completed by microscope. Therefore, the performance of the microscope is the key to doing a good job in the observation experiment.  

Apexel MS003 portable digital microscope

Optical digital microscopes do not require complex setup and adjustment for observation and measurement.  The adjustment of focus, focal length, illumination, and switching of various observation methods can be controlled by a touch screen and mouse.  You can directly touch the real-time image, and the zoom operation is intuitive and easy to obtain the desired target image.  In addition, the optical digital microscope is equipped with an “autofocus/autogain” function that automatically adjusts focus and illumination according to the sample.  

On the optical digital microscope, according to the user’s proficiency level, two operation modes of GUI are optimized: “standard model” and “primary mode”.  There is also an “operator mode” that allows you to customize the standard mode for general work.  In addition, according to the ID and password entered when the application is started, the user can call up the observation, analysis, and measurement conditions set by each user, and display the user’s common screen.  

Primary mode: as long as the screen prompts steps to operate, you can get the output mode.  

Standard mode: in order to enable the skilled operator of the microscope to intuitively complete the operation, according to the workflow of the configuration of the necessary buttons and other modes.  Electric control is used to increase the speed of operation.  

Operator mode: Custom standard mode for general work mode.  The optical digital microscope can improve the efficiency of repetitive work.  

Operator mode: Custom standard mode for general work mode.  Optical digital microscope can improve the efficiency of repetitive work.  

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