Photographer’s best travel companion–60X Telephoto Lens

The friend that likes traveling all knows, the telescope is indispensable equipment, it can let beautiful scenery collect eyeground, no longer miss each place beautiful scenery, make everybody vexed of course is, what kind of telescope suits traveling most to use?  How to choose?  

1. Conditions of telephotos suitable for tourism  

(1) Small size, light weight  

Travel binoculars need to be carried around at all times, so it is important to be small and light.  Unless professional enthusiasts need to choose a large aperture, large size telescope, general tourists should choose the small volume, lightweight telescope.  

(2) The view must be as wide as possible  

Telescopes, small size, lightweight, the aperture of the telescope will be small (the aperture size of the telephoto, directly determines the size and weight of the telescope ).  And the general aperture is small, if the telescope design is not very clever, this small pocket telescope, the field of vision will be very small.  A telescope with too small a field of view will narrow the tourist view, be very uncomfortable to use, and not be able to see the full view.  Tourist telescopes need to see as much as possible.  

60X Telephoto Lens

(3) As high as possible  

The purpose of tourism is to see beautiful scenery.  If the resolution of the telescope is not high, the beautiful scenery will become ugly.  A telescope with a poor resolution might as well go without it when traveling.  

Another point, travel telescope aperture is very small, the telescope has a little understanding of the people know that the size of the telescope aperture directly affects the transmittance and brightness.  So small aperture telescope must require a very good lens and coating, otherwise, the effect can not meet the requirements.  

2. Which type of telescope should I choose for traveling  

Almost all brands have the right size and weight for travel, but not every brand is suitable, and there are not many telescopes that are really suitable for travel.  60X Telephoto Lens — This single telescope looks, feels, and is made of fine materials. With fine workmanship, eyes are never tired when viewing objects, and the images are clear and stable without dizziness.  The quality is very good, it looks very high class and the price is right.  Prices range from $94.99 to $102.99.  

Apexel Mobile Super 60X Telephoto Lens

(1) Highlights:

Don’t want to pack bulky equipment for short trips?

The Apexel 60X Telephoto Lens has an incredibly wide field of view that will please both birders and wildlife enthusiasts in general…
This is a newly designed high-quality optical 60X telephoto zoom lens with an extendable tripod(Max 1.2m), meets your different needs of photography.

(2) Feature:

1) HD 60x Telephoto Smartphone Lens

60X Telephoto Lens

Novel optical path, far view, can through a large amount of light. High resolution, good color rendition effect.
Allows you to capture the scenery far away clearly, also can work as a monocular telephoto giving you every opportunity to see the wonders of the world from a distance.

2) Extendable Tripod

Solid and folding legs for more precise positioning. Note: The tripod and smartphone are not included in this package, please purchase separately if needed.

3) The 60X telescope lens can also work as a monocular.

As a monocular, the 60X telescope lens is equipped with a special eye mask.
And can be used with mobile phones and brackets for photo and video shooting.
You can apply it to any kind of outdoor and indoor activities, such as camping, travel, concert, etc.

4) Full metal body

Made of high-quality advanced glass and shell, durable and portable, universal detachable clip design, clamp into your phone steady.

Related indicators reference:

Weight0.590 kg
Dimensions2.6 cm
Materialmulti-coating optics+Aluminum Alloy+ABS plastic
Construction8 Elements 4 Groups
Focus TypeTelephoto Lens
Objective lens diameter52mm
Exit pupil diameter2mm
Eyepiece FOV80°
Number of lenses8 elements in 5 groups
Focusing range5m~∞
Lens interfaceM17*P0.75
Optical magnification29X

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