A beginner’s guide to selfie sticks

Taking selfies can make us take great pictures, but there are some problems when taking selfies. Most of the people who like to take selfies are women because women love to dress up and want to be praised by others, which makes them happier. Therefore, most women like to take selfies, but their bodies are small. Nowadays, the screen of mobile phones is getting bigger and bigger, so many women can’t hold their mobile phones steady when taking selfies, and it is difficult to control the angle of mobile phones, and it is difficult to touch the shooting button.

This problem also applies to some men, because some men have less flexible hands, so they find it difficult to control their phones while taking selfies. Therefore, in order to conform to the development of the times and social trends, the selfie stick was born, and it is a product made for us to be able to take selfies better. The main function of the selfie stick is to take selfies, providing a better selfie angle and use method, making selfies less complicated, and simplifying everything.

apexel selfie sticks

If you’ve been near a tourist attraction recently, you’ve probably seen someone posing for a camera phone attached to the end of a telescopic rod — either alone or with a group of friends.

Selfie sticks were originally used by extreme sports enthusiasts, but their use has surged in the past year, mainly among people in East and Southeast Asia. But there are signs that selfie sticks are going global, thanks in part to cheap components — and an endless desire to take self-portraits from slightly better angles than the length of a human arm would allow.

If you’re totally against the concept of selfie sticks or selfies in general, you can stop reading here — not that it will help you avoid the onslaught to come. But if you want to learn more about the growing fashion, or are even considering buying it yourself, read on.

1. What exactly is a selfie stick?

They’re a cheap version of what was once called a monopod that experienced photographers use to stabilize their cameras. Selfie sticks are different in that they are specifically designed to hold the arm length to fit the photographer into the frame, and they often have a mechanism to trigger the shutter remotely.

2. Who uses them?

The latest version of the selfie stick, designed specifically for use on camera phones, first became popular with smartphone-using youths in Southeast Asia. Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines are early adopters, followed by South Korea and Japan, according to Google Trends data.

They are now common in Asia, including Thailand and China, and have spread to the US and Europe.

3. How to use the selfie stick more conveniently to make photography easier?

In fact, a lot of people at the time of initial contact with the shaft will be more strange, because not privy to the shaft, the correct way of using so there will be a loss, but since the shaft is a kind of very simple product to use, the use method is very simple, as long as we observe can be found from the use of the shaft. First of all, the selfie stick is a telescopic product, because only in this way can the angle become a better choice, and the orientation of the selfie becomes a better choice.

There is a spring holder on the selfie stick to fix the mobile phone. No matter what kind of mobile phone it is, the mobile phone can be directly stuck in the holder. Only in this way can our mobile phone be more secure and avoid the mistake of dropping because the mobile phone is not clamped securely. In order for the phone and selfie stick to control the phone’s camera button, we also need to connect the selfie stick to the phone and press the button on the selfie stick to take a quick picture.

apexel selfie sticks

The way to connect the phone to the selfie stick is also very simple. When the phone is clamped to the top of the selfie stick, there will be a plug similar to earphones. After this plug is connected, you can directly take a picture by pressing the button on the selfie stick. After the connection, we just need to open our camera software, find a suitable angle and pose, so that we can look more beautiful, and even modify our face shape so that the whole looks very symmetrical.

There are many styles of selfie sticks. We just need to buy according to personal preference. If you like some good quality selfie sticks, you can directly buy some brands of selfie sticks, so that the quality can be guaranteed, but also make the connection between mobile phone and selfie stick safer. Of course, this is not to say that some cheap selfie sticks are very bad to use, cheap selfie sticks only have shortcomings in appearance, other basic problems.

4. Which selfie stick should I buy?

Selfie sticks seem to be growing in popularity, from the Internet to street stands. But would you really choose a selfie stick? Do you know which selfie stick is right for you?

The first is purely a selfie stick, which is similar to a traditional camera tripod, which only plays a supporting role. Advantages are simple to use, easy to use in all aspects, cheap price; But the disadvantage is that the function is not powerful, can only play support, can not directly take pictures, needs to cooperate with a selfie device to use, relatively troublesome.

The second one is divided from the material. In terms of material, there are plastic selfie sticks. The characteristics of this product are that the size of the product is not subject to the change of environmental temperature, and the sense of holding and hanging is good, but the disadvantage is that the cost is relatively high, which is not too environmental protection. The other is now commonly used aluminum alloy. This product is very lightweight, good steel can smoothly use a variety of sizes of mobile phones and the same, the use degree is very wide.

The third is the relatively high-end selfie stick, which is usually sold for more than 100 yuan on TP. It has a built-in Bluetooth function. Includes Bluetooth chip, battery, PCBA board, and transmitting and receiving antenna. This kind of structure is complex, the craft is difficult, but at the same time, it is more convenient, the use effect is a little better. It doesn’t need to be paired with another selfie device.

apexel selfie sticks

Finally, there are the newer selfie sticks. The stick comes with a cord that plugs directly into the phone’s headphone jack to take pictures. Unlike the traditional selfie stick as inconvenient, and at the same time do not need to charge, plug, and play, the effect can be said to be very good.

Comparatively speaking, the third kind of selfie stick is expensive but easy to use. However, for the budget, there are not many friends. It is recommended to choose a separate selfie and selfie stick to buy so that you can save quite a lot of budget oh.

Now the selfie stick is a newly developed industry, the standard is not clear, the product is chaotic. Don’t be cheap, we must see the above professional, it is not a brand, there are no after-sales and so on. People should be careful when buying and reading others’ comments.

5. Conclusion

Taking selfies has become a kind of behavior that modern people cannot do without. In fact, taking selfies can make us feel happier because photos can leave beautiful moments and let some precious memories stay in that beautiful moment. In fact, there is a big difference between selfies and professional photography, but a selfie is freer, find your own angel, choose your own selfie stick, you can take it as you like, as long as you feel good, no matter what expression can become a good selfie.


How does a selfie stick work with a headphone jack?

The sticks are Bluetooth-enabled, which pair with your iPhone or Android phone and let you press a button on the handle to take a photo. The sticks that plug into your smartphone’s headphone jack, which also let you take a photo with the press of a button on the handle.

Why is my selfie stick not working?

If there are no “Volume Key Function” settings on your camera app, then, unfortunately, the phone cannot use a selfie stick. Make sure the Camera 360’s settings also had the “Volume Key Function” set correctly to take pictures.

Does a selfie stick work on all phones?

Selfie Stick, Extendable Selfie Stick Tripod with Detachable Wireless Remote and Tripod Stand Selfie Stick compatible with All Cell Phone, Compact Size & Lightweight.

How long should a selfie stick be?

Selfie sticks tend to be around 20” to 30” and are equipped with buttons to control the phone’s camera.

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