Do you know APEXEL’s best close-up 6X monoculars?

Many photographers always have a variety of lenses, but maybe missing a pair of binoculars.  In this article, the author mainly recommends the APEXEL’s best close-up 6X monoculars.  Follow me to explain the “good” of these monoculars.  

Features of the APEXEL’s best close-up 6X monoculars  

1. Small and light, easy to carry  

The size of 6X monoculars is 0.32 × 1.02 cm, small, light, and easy to carry. What you see is what you get. Its emergence makes consumers instantly fall in love with it, and solves the biggest portability problem of many monoculars at present.  It’s easy to carry for outdoor activities and can easily fit in your backpack or be carried on a lanyard.  

best close-up 6X monoculars

2. Zoom in on small details of objects  

The 6X monoculars not only magnify images of objects but also allow us to see details that we wouldn’t normally see.  It can be used as a magnifying glass to look at tiny details of objects, such as historic sites in museums. When you are studying an object, this single-telescope can be used as a magnifying glass to help you see the details of the objects you are interested in more clearly. 

 It can also be used as a macro lens, with 0.3m to infinity of the closest viewing distance, plus the lens color restoration degree is very good, you can study the target insect without frightening the insects under the premise of the target insect.  It also allows you to have a great macro photography experience.  

3. High light transmittance, HD imaging, true color  

The 6X monoculars are manufactured using BAK4 prisms, and FMC coated.  Made with a BAK4 prism, the glass is denser and finer, which eliminates internal light divergence and makes the image clearer.  

FMC coating, which has multiple layers of anti-reflection and anti-reflection coating on all glass surfaces in contact with air, is the best.  FMC-coated telescopes have the best light transmittance and bright field of vision.  Color restores balance true.  The lens reflects very little and has good control over glare and ghosting, making it easy to see objects in shadow even in a backlight or a bright background.  At $49.99, it’s a better value for money.  

APEXEL's best close-up 6X monoculars

4. Unique lid design  

It comes with a unique cover design that attaches to the spyglass lanyard so that when you are not using it, the cover can be closed at any time to prevent dust and other impurities from falling on the lens and protect the spyglass lens.  

5. Specially designed reinforced phone clips  

A reinforced phone clip designed for monoculars allows you to easily link to your phone camera.  When you’re in a beautiful environment, you can always pull out a reinforced phone clip and connect it to your phone camera to record any videos or photos you want to share or keep as a memento.  

6. Compatible with more than 98% of smart phones  

This single telescope is highly compatible and comes with Apexel’s latest quick alignment smartphone holder for easy installation and is suitable for more than 98% of smartphones.  

7. Unique and exquisite design  

The Apexel Close-up 6X telescope is designed to be smaller and more elegant than any other telescope on the market. It may be the perfect gift for someone who loves photography when you are looking for a gift.  It’s also small enough for adults and children to use, making it a good gift for kids.  

APEXEL's best close-up 6X monoculars


The main reason we buy binoculars is to see things far away, whether it’s a scenic spot outdoors, a singer on the stage at a concert, or athletes in the stands at the highlight of a game.  All of which apexel’s close-up 6X monoculars do.  It can even be suitable for all your outdoor activities, camping, hiking, hunting, bird watching, or stage watching, just bring it up and enjoy it.  

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