Apexel high power HD telephoto lens

Choosing lenses to carry around is a little different from choosing lenses for other situations.  You will care not only about image quality but also about size and weight.  While it would be great to take all kinds of expensive lenses with us on all our trips, the reality of travel is that there’s only so much we can take with us, and when you’re out for a full day of sightseeing, you probably don’t want to take too much.  

The best shots in travel photography will get you the shots you want without getting you down.  For many photographers, this means consolidating your lens into a single shot and achieving all-around versatility, apexel’s high-power HD telephoto lens may be the best lens for travel.  

Apexel high power HD telephoto lens

1. Bigger doesn’t always mean better  

How do you define “travel friendly” when you’re ready to travel?  Where are you going?  How do you get there?  What exactly do you plan to photograph once you get there?  Do you already own a camera and lens?  Are you satisfied with them?  If not, why?  

We can’t solve every situation by any means, but at least we can give you some advice.  

With a few exceptions, it’s fair to say that every camera we sell on the Apexel website makes a great travel companion.  Cameras equipped with sensors above 100MP can take amazingly clear, detailed pictures, but do they necessarily take better pictures than we do with cameras that include smaller formats, low-resolution imaging sensors?  Not necessarily.  

There are pocket point-and-shoot cameras and compact DSLRs with ridiculously wide zoom ranges.  There are also many larger (and heavier) mirrorless and DSLR options.  Which cameras can you hang on your shoulder for long periods of time before your spine bends?  Which camera system best captures the types of photos you plan to take on your trip?  

Here’s what I think of an “ideal” lens for traveling, one that meets my creative needs 85-90% of the time, based on size, weight, and performance level.  Considering perfect cameras don’t exist, 85-90% of the time is acceptable.  

2. Apexel high power HD telephoto lens worth considering  

The 20x to 40x zoom lens uses multi-layer coated optics to provide a more powerful and stable clip for long-range HD images.  Scenes from up to 800 meters can be easily shot and are very clear for any smartphone.  

Apexel high power HD telephoto lens


(1) Hd 4K picture quality  

Breakthrough the limitations of mobile phone photography, explore the farther/clearer, more wonderful world of optical zoom photography, get a clearer picture.  

Solve the trouble of long-distance shooting, so that mobile phones can also see farther and clearer. Document anything you like more clearly with pictures or videos while traveling.  

(2) FMC full multilayer coating  

FMC multi-layer coated lenses increase light transmittance for bright images and reduce light reflection.  

(3) All metal case  

Magnification adjustment (from 20x to 40x)  

Sharpness adjustment (adjust the focus ring to get a clear image)  

Unique design, high performance, advanced lens, and advanced aluminum alloy housing.  

(4) Easy to carry  

The Mini is big enough to fit in any backpack, handbag, and pocket, not a heavy DSLR.  

Apexel high power HD telephoto lens

We all like to travel.  When we’re not traveling (and this is sadly for most of us right now), we’re probably dreaming about our next trip.  In all of these plans, you’re probably thinking about the best camera kit.  We’ve provided a guide to the best travel cameras that we hope will help you.  Finally, may you have a wonderful photographic experience during your trip?  

Product specification:

MaterialGlass Optics + Aluminum Alloy + ABS
MagnificationAdjustable 20-40X Zoom Lens
Focus TypeTelephoto Lens
Objective lens diameter25mm
Exit pupil diameter1.2mm-2.2mm
Eyepiece FOV80°
Number of lenses8 elements in 5 groups
Focusing range5m~∞
Lens interfaceM17*P0.75
Optical magnification10X-20X

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