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  • Consistently exceed λ/40 surface accuracy

Apexel Optic has extensive experience in producing aspherical lenses for applications ranging from digital cameras, medical ophthalmic instrumentation and surgery, life science systems such as infrared, to industrial laser equipment, space science, astronomy, metrology and analytical instruments, and defense . Aspherical lenses have become the focus of development in the field of optical imaging.

Apexel Optic manufactures high-volume aspherical lenses 24 hours a day, producing thousands of precision aspherical lenses every month. Equipped with state-of-the-art production and metrology equipment, our manufacturing cells complement our expertise in aspheric lens design and manufacture. Whether your application requires stock components from our vast inventory, build-to-print lenses, or fully custom design work, our expert optical design and manufacturing engineers can develop a solution to meet your needs. Contact us today to speak with an expert or get an expedited quote.

Processing capacity

Apexel Optic's manufacturing process eliminates additional investment in spherical substrates and prepared tooling and tooling fixtures, allowing customers to jumpstart production plans. We have extensive experience in making high precision products from a variety of Schott, Ohara and CDGM glass types as well as fused silica and machinable copper, aluminum, fluoride, single crystal germanium, silicon, zinc selenide, IRG26 and more. MOQ starts from 2 pieces to ensure optical performance.

Manufacturing Limitations of Aspheres Form-Based Fault Tolerance

 CommercialPrecisionHigh Precision / Laser Grade
Diameter10 – 200mm10 – 200mm10 – 200mm
Diameter Tolerance+0/-0.100mm+0/-0.025mm+0/-0.010mm
Asphere Figure Error (P - V) @ 633nmλ/10
Vertex Radius (Asphere)±0.5%±0.1%±0.05%
Peak Slope Error1μm/mm per 1mm window0.35μm/mm per 1mm window0.15μm/mm per 1mm window
Centering (Beam Deviation)3 arcmin1 arcmin0.5 arcmin
Center Thickness Tolerance±0.100mm±0.050mm±0.010mm
Surface Quality (Scratch Dig)80–5040–2010–5
Aspheric Surface MetrologyProfilometry (2D)Profilometry (3D)Interferometry
Surface Roughness (RMS)3nm2nm1nm

* 1/10th wave at 632.8nm, limited by design and/or metrology

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