How to buy the right binoculars?

If you go outdoors, bring a pair of binoculars to help you see the beautiful scenery.  A clear picture will make your play even better.  But a lot of people don’t know how to buy the right binoculars. After all, it’s very difficult for someone who has never touched binoculars to find the best binoculars on an affordable budget.  Read on, and our editor shares some binocular-buying tips that will help if you’re still struggling to find the best binoculars.  

1. What are binoculars?  

A telescope is a device that collects light. Binoculars are two identical or mirror-symmetric telescopes that are connected side by side on a shelf so that they are always pointed in the same direction.  It allows users to view distant scenes simultaneously with both eyes.  Binoculars provide a wider field of view and are more three-dimensional than a single telescope, making viewing more comfortable.  

2. What should I pay attention to when buying binoculars?  

(1) Magnification  

The magnification of binoculars is numbers written in x’s.  So if the binoculars show up 10 times, that means it will magnify the subject 10 times.  For example, a bird 1,000 meters away, to the naked eye, looks like it is 100 meters away.  The optimum magnification for conventional use is between 7 and 12 times, and any magnification out of range is difficult to manage without a tripod.  

(2) Objective lens diameter  

The objective lens is the one opposite the eyepiece.  The size of the lens is crucial because it determines the amount of light that enters the binoculars.  So for low-light conditions, if you have an objective lens with a larger diameter, you can get a better image.  The lens size in millimeters comes after x.  A ratio of 5 to magnification is ideal.  Between 8×25 and 8×40 lenses, the latter produce brighter, better images with a larger diameter.  

(3) lens quality and coating  

Lens coating is important because it reduces the amount of light reflected and allows the maximum amount of light to enter.  At the same time, the quality of the lens ensures that the image is aberration-free and has better contrast.  The best lenses work better in low-light situations because they transmit more light.  They also ensure that the color does not fade or distort.  Bespectacled users should look for high vision.  

(4) Visual field/exit pupil  

FoW is the diameter of the area seen through the glasses, expressed in degrees.  The larger the field of view, the larger the area you can see.  Meanwhile, the exit pupil is the image formed on the eyepiece for your pupil to see.  Divide lens diameter by magnification to get exit pupil.  The 7mm exit pupil provides maximum light for dilated eyes and is ideal for use in dusk and dark conditions.  

(5) Weight and eye strain  

Consider the weight of binoculars before buying them.  Consider whether using binoculars for long periods can make you tired.  Also, use binoculars to see if it’s taxing your eyes.  While regular binoculars don’t last more than a few minutes at a time, high-end binoculars hardly cause any eye strain and can be used for extended periods if needed.  

(6) waterproof  

Since binoculars are essentially outdoor products, they must have a degree of water resistance — often denoted as “WP”.  While the regular model can stay underwater for a limited number of minutes, the high-end model remains intact even after several hours in the water.  

3. Best features for a specific purpose  

(1) Remote security surveillance, wild animal observation, outdoor hunting.  

The Apexel 10-30×50 binoculars are used in combination with 56mm objectives at 10-30 magnification, and the extra field width you get makes it ideal for scanning wide areas.  This is one of the best binoculars for viewing from a distance.  There’s no problem holding them and keeping the image stable, but they’re easy to mount on a tripod if you want.  

Apexel 10-30×50 binoculars have a large aperture of 50MM, high light transmittance, effectively reduce the refractive index of light, image clear, sharp, transparent.  Metal frame design, high strength earthquake resistance.  Can greatly increase the service life of the telescope.  Created with BAK7 prisms, the image is brighter and more transparent, with no dark edges.  Special prism structure, each reflector of the prism belongs to total reflection, less light loss.  BAK7 prism can effectively reduce astigmatism and double image and improve light transmittance.  Connect the tripod for shake-proof viewing for more stability and enjoy different views.  

Apexel 10-30x50 binoculars

(2) Travel  

Binoculars for travel generally require a compact field of vision and portability.  Apexel 10 x25 HD roof prism binoculars, whether it’s hiking, backpacking, kayaking, or taking part in outdoor sports, for many USES and occasions, large equipment or impractical, or not popular, so although there is no doubt that more binoculars on optical are better than that of compact, it is in these and other similar cases,  Compact binoculars make perfect sense.  In addition to all this, the Apexel 10X25 also includes a dual-hinge design that allows them to fold into true pocket binoculars when not in use.  

Apexel 10 x25 hd roof prism binoculars

(3) Oceans  

Aps-rb10x42w is ultra-compact and lightweight, with a very wide field of view and minimal close focus.  Targeted at price-sensitive users who still want high-quality instruments, the APS-RB10X42W uses a fully sealed magnesium alloy body and a metal distortion eye mask to protect high-quality and fully multi-layer coated optical elements, including phase and dielectric coated BAK-4 prisms.  IPX7 waterproof structure — specially designed waterproof structure, even on rainy days can be seen clearly and unimpeded.  FMC green film, bright and transparent, high degree of reduction, clear and sharp imaging, can effectively reduce eye fatigue.  With 21mm eyepieces and 42mm objectives, it brings the world closer, providing high-resolution images and extremely accurate color restoration.  

Apexel 10X42W Powerful Waterproof Binoculars

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