How to choose the right lens for your trip?

The Chinese New Year is coming soon. There are several days off for the Chinese New Year, so many people will want to travel with their families.  So like shooting friends at this time may make it difficult, travel should bring what lens, just good to meet the needs of the road?  Read on to find out how to choose the right lens for your trip.  

1. Factors to consider when choosing the right lens for your trip  

(1) Weight  

Weight is a very key consideration when choosing a travel lens, as the idea is that you will be using the lens for travel.  I don’t know about you, but the less I memorize, the better, especially if I’m going to be on my feet all day.  So keep in mind the weight you’re buying.  

(2) Size  

In addition to weight, you also need to consider the size of your camera lens.  Portability can be an important factor in travel photography lenses, especially if you’re traveling and prefer to carry them with you.  Therefore, consider the physical dimensions of the lens when making your decision.  

(3) Image stability  

Image stabilization can make a huge difference and is definitely worth considering when looking for a lens.  Of course, as with all things, there are trade-offs, and image-stabilized lenses are generally more expensive and slightly heavier than their non-stabilized counterparts.  

Image stabilization techniques exist to help you take photos at slower shutter speeds than that, and are generally rated based on how many extra “stop” they give you.  “Stop” is a photographic dialogue that halves or doubles the light.  

2. Travel lens recommended  

(1) Take unique style fisheye lens-Apexel 195° Fisheye Lens for phone  

Apexel 195° Fisheye Lens for phone  

When traveling abroad, buildings are one of the most frequently photographed subjects.  However, due to the limited shooting location, many architectural photos are inevitably the same, nothing new.  So, let’s use our fish glasses to photograph buildings, and you’ll find a lot of interesting shapes and combinations that you would normally miss completely.  It just provides so much creativity that it’s easy to fit buildings into the frame, and it’s also possible to exaggerate the image distortion to add to the enjoyment of the photo.  

Apexel 195° Fisheye Lens for Phone can be used in different ways depending on the angle of the camera. If you shoot a building horizontally, you will see a barrel shape distortion. If you shoot a building from a lower angle, you will see a U-shape distortion.  Of course, the use of fish glasses has to mention selfies.  Using fish glasses to take a selfie does not need to worry about losing focus, and can easily capture the surrounding environment into the lens, which is a good tool to record travel.  

(2) Wide angle lens for the ultra visual experience-Apexel No Distortion 110° HD Wide Angle Lens  

Apexel No Distortion 110° HD Wide Angle Lens

If the purpose of your trip is to experience the beauty of nature, or the skyscrapers of a modern metropolis, bring a wide-angle lens to experience a different kind of supervision.  

A wide-angle lens is an exaggerated view of the subject.  Can produce a strong sense of perspective, portrait shooting will give people a taste of surrealism, more interesting.  This lens is recommended below:  

Apexel No Distortion 110° HD Wide Angle Lens allows you to blend better into the frame, making them ideal for capturing magnificent and stunning scenes such as vast landscapes or narrow interiors.  This lens has the following advantages:  

Enhance the perspective  

The smaller focal length gives you more room to compose large buildings and other large photographs that were previously difficult to capture.  Also, as you move further into the wide-angle area, objects near the camera continue to appear larger, while objects far away appear very small, enhancing the perspective of the image.  Perspective gives a flat picture spatial (three-dimensional) quality.  

Improved depth of field  

Wide-angle lenses show a greater depth of field at a given aperture than telephoto lenses.  

The larger context of the portrait  

Capture environment-related themes that best represent the story you want to tell.  

(3) Telephoto lens suitable for portrait and landscape shooting-Apexel Mobile Super 60X Telephoto Lens

Apexel Mobile Super 60X Telephoto Lens

Apexel Mobile Super 60X Telephoto Lens allows the photographer to have a longer shooting distance to capture the most natural facial expressions of the subject.  And the perspective of the telephoto lens can easily separate the subject from the background, and the image deformation is very few, it is very commonly used to shoot portrait themes.  If you have enough space, you can use a telephoto lens to capture the landscape, or you can compress the image to give it a completely different feel than a wide-angle lens.  This lens has the following advantages:  

  • Sturdy tripod design: The phone’s telephoto lens also comes with a balanced tripod, which can be either a selfie stick or retractable (up to 1.2m).  
  • FMC full multi-layer coating, made of advanced optical glass, can achieve high-definition images, take clear images, there will be no dark circles around the corner.  
  • Suitable for iPhone/Samsung/device/HTC/ZTE/Xiaomi/Moto/Blackberry/Nokia 98% of mobile phone (also applies to the iPhone series)  
  • Lens kits are for everyone, from your friends to your parents.  It fits in your pocket and is easy to install, carry and store for parties, music festivals, camping, hiking, trips, bird-watching, moongazing and more to take photos and keep all the good memories.  
  • Sturdy tripod with thoughtful design: The phone’s telephoto lens also comes with a balanced tripod that doubles as a selfie stick.  Once the lens is in place, we can place the phone on a sturdy, adjustable tripod.  We have three sets for your choice.  
  • The 60X telephoto lens can also be used as a single cartridge.  

These lenses are highly praised by all users, and the lenses are very lightweight and portable.  All apexel lenses are hand-crafted from quality cinema-grade glass.  When you pick up an APEXEL lens, you will immediately feel its quality.  Instead of a cheap plastic lens, it’s made of aviation-grade metal and hand-polished glass.  It adds enough weight to your phone without lowering your weight.  Hopefully, after reading this article, you will be able to choose the right lens for your travel.  

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