Custom Selfie Lighting

Perfect lighting for your videosand photos, suitable for photography, live streaming, makeup lighting, social media videos, video conferencing and vlogging, etc.

What is a selfie light

LED lights were once considered a very specialized piece of lighting equipment for photographers, but these days a ring light is a must-have for vloggers, makeup artists, TikTok stars, and video calls.

An LED ring light delivers flattering shadow-free lighting, striking circular catchlights in the eyes, and is an excellent tool when shooting videos or portraits. LED ring lights come in a variety of sizes. A large multipurpose ring light is incredibly versatile, and many of these come with an accessory to clip your phone into the center.

A mini clip-on ring light is best suited for grabbing well-lit footage on the go, creating content for Instagram or TikTok, or clipping onto your laptop before a video call. A ring light is a great way to easily enhance the quality of light in a room and make you look your best. For how to choose the fill light, you can contact our professional business manager.


The APEXEL team has the experience, capability, and resources to make you OEM/OEM project a success! Apexel Lighting provides extremely versatile turnkey design and manufacturing with the ability to bring your concepts and ideas to life. We work with individuals and companies at all stages of design, from concept to completion, in a highly focused effort to bring industry leading quality to our clients.

With Apexel customization , you receive:

  • Our designers will provide digital interactive 3D models that allows for rapid prototyping and quick time-to-market.
  • Customized software, firmware, mechanical, and hardware design.
  • Seamless integration of our design team as an extension of your existing engineering team.
  • Macro lens designed with quality and assembled with care.
  • Industry-leading return rate – a testament to our focus on quality.
  • Project management expertise ensuring timely communication, up-to-date information, and milestones are met throughout the life of the custom project.


  • PCB Design/Layout/Assembly
  • Injection Molded Parts Design
  • LED Diffuser Design and Integration
  • Light focusing lens Design and Testing
  • Environmental Testing
  • LED Driver Design and Integration
  • Cable Assembly Design
  • Lighting Controller Development

Features of Selfie Lighting

Apexel selfie light is perfect for emphasising details, photography, filming,make up application, macro photography or generating colour effects.


  • Full series of products with RoHS approved eco-friendly materials;
  • Affordable & robust with features that will help you create that flawless look.
  • Adjustable colour temperature and brighter luminance add extra glow for your contents and grow your social media
  • Bendable gooseneck and cold shoe ensure you photographying or videographying at any side via any devices.
  • Foldable and flexible tripods with adjustable control knob at any heights for your option.

Prototype to Volume Production

Apexel is one of the few lens companies that can seamlessly integrate optical and mechanical engineering, rapid prototyping and volume custom lens production. By eliminating the complexity of managing multiple suppliers, the entire design and prototyping process will be reduced, cycle times shortened, and You’ll get a better product than any other manufacturer, delivered on time month after month.

Customization process

Within a few days, you will be presented with our best fit solution with a preliminary optical design, feasibility study and approximate costs. From that point, we become partners in design with a common goal to create a state-of-the-art optical solution tailored to your exact needs.


During the consultation process, we will fully understand your needs and introduce our goals. We will create the ideal solution and specify the planned project.

Conceptual & Technical Design

After consultation, our team will develop creative solutions and ensure that the content provided is relevant and effective to the target audience.

Fabrication & Integration

Backed by high-tech engineering and manufacturing equipment, we have an experienced engineering team and technical support staff to put conceptual ideas into practice.  

Service & Support

Apexel is your reliable partner. Our products are covered with a 12-month warranty period, along with lifetime maintenance service and a 24/7 technical support for round-the-clock assistance.

Why choose us?

We promise to reply any inquiry within 24 hours at most, and on-line inquiry can be replied within during working time.

We have strict procedure to guarantee the product quality: first of all, we have established good relationship with raw material suppliers, and our QC examine the quality before purchasing; when the production is  completed, we selection at random 3% finished product to do aging test, and make sure they can 100% pass the test; moreover, each product will be tested if they can work normally.

Our R&D is composed of 10 hardware and software engineer, who is capable of developing circuit board for new product, as well as other multifunctional accessories.

On another hand, we cooperate with professional design company, with whose help the style of our Macro Lens is to cater consumer’s preference.

If client makes any quality complains, usually we execute a meeting to discuss the issue that client present to us with our purchasing, production and QC teams to find out what is reason causes the problem, and give solution within 24 hours.

Currently we can produce as many as 8000,000 pcs of Macro Lens annually, and in the future our production capacity will be enlarged. Specially through ERP system, we make sure all production under each order is arranged methodically.

We can customize package personally according to clients’ requirement, including typesetting and pattern design. The package can be of paper carton or blister packing. User manual is written in 12 languages to cater to different market requirement.


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