Daily operation and maintenance of the microscope

With the development of The Times, microscopes have been used in many aspects of daily life.  However, if many novices buy microscope knowledge in order to achieve their own stage of a certain purpose, then throw the microscope aside, the next time they want to use it, they will find the microscope is damaged and unusable, equivalent to their own money to buy the product only once, it is really a waste.  So this guide will tell you the daily operation and maintenance of the microscope, to help you prolong the life of your microscope, and quickly learn it.  


1. Must master and strictly implement the operation procedures.  

2. Hold the elbow with one hand and the base with the other when taking and delivering the microscope.  The microscope must not be tilted so that the eyepiece may slip out of the top of the barrel.  Handle the microscope with care.  

3. Do not move the microscope during observation.  

4. In general, the optical part of the microscope can only be wiped with a special lens by wiping paper and solution together, can not be wiped with other things, not to touch the lens with your fingers, so as not to stain the lens with sweat.  

5. Keep the microscope dry and clean, avoid dust, water, and chemical reagent contamination.  

6. When converting the objective lens, only turn the converter and do not move the objective lens.  Now microscopes with electric conversion, easy to use, are a director of development.  

7. Do not turn the focusing handwheel at will.  When using the microfocus knob, the force should be light, the rotation should be slow, and the rotation should not be hard.  

8. Do not remove the parts of the microscope at will, and do not remove the objective lens at will, so as not to damage the converter screw or loose screw, so that the low and high power objective lens conversion is not in focus.  

9. When using the high-power objective lens, do not use a coarse moving focusing handwheel to adjust the focal length, so as not to move too far and damage the objective lens and glass slide.  

10. Adjust the light source to the minimum after use to prolong the service life of the bulb.  

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