Four steps to buying the best telescope

Binoculars are not only necessary for outdoor visitors, but also people traveling.  There are a variety of telescope brands on the market, many for military and civilian use.  The purchase of telescopes has become a headache for a lot of friends, the key is to choose the right product for you, how to choose the right telescope?  Learning from this article, four steps to buying the best telescope.  

Four steps to buying the best telescope  

(1) Set demand  

When buying a telescope, you need to know in advance what you’re going to use for a show or a game, hiking, birdwatching, or balcony viewing.  

The chief editor summed up the four uses of binoculars that people usually buy:  

The first kind: indoor use sees the building outside, this kind of circumstance can buy casually, basically sees magnification, give priority to with Paul lens choose.  

The second: go out to watch the game or entertainment activities, this case to choose the weight of less than 1kg, and multiple 7-8 times.  Because the weight is heavy arm tired, the multiple is high eyes tired and the head has to swing back and forth.  

Third: outdoor sports carried, in this case, it is strongly recommended to buy waterproof shockproof anti-fall products and portable roof mirrors.  

The fourth: is used to observe animals, in this case, choosing to change the telescope or stable image telescope is better.  The best option, of course, is a billable bird-watching telescope.  

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Some people may ask that their use is more comprehensive, in addition to the above four can also be used to watch the moon and watch the stars?  Use binoculars to see moon craters commonly, 10 times telescopes can see more clearly, and stereo feeling is stronger, but want to see starry sky nebula must have the aid of an astronomical telescope.  As for telescope ranging, compass guide, and other functions, only field research or mountaineering expeditions can be used;  If only for ranging positioning more professional tools are optional, do not have to buy a ranging telescope.  

(2) Make a budget  

Before buying a telescope, you need to inform the psychological price: for the same specification, the price can range from dozens of yuan to thousands of yuan or even more than 10,000 yuan. For products with similar prices, the quality gap may also be relatively large. Only with a clear price can you have the best recommendation.  And telescope is penny goods, different grades of products from the brand grade and price difference is easy to distinguish, but please do not blindly climb.  

(3) Identifying parameters  

When we get the A telescope, we notice its size, A×B, where A is the magnification and B is the diameter of the telescope in millimeters.  These two parameters determine the size of the telescope and are the most important parameters.  Parameter identification is first to identify the true or false parameters rather than the size.  

The field of view of a telescope is affected by four parameters: the internal structure of the telescope, the objective aperture of the telescope, the eyepiece aperture of the telescope, and the multiple of the telescope.  

(4) Choose the brand  

Choose the brand is demand positioning, choose the direction of demand positioning do more prominent brand, many low-end brand telescope business introduction boast, there is no sky on the ground, you want to: so good why sell so cheap?  So don’t just be cheap.  In price, volume, weight, multiple, caliber, brand, and other elements to make a reasonable choice, do not expect everything as you want, only the liar will tell you that his products meet all your requirements.  

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(5) look at the appearance  

Appearance refers to the appearance of the product.  This is the least important thing to use, but we’re all so used to buying clothes, phones, and accessories that we replace objective parameters with preconceived physical impressions.  So buy binoculars must look at the last style, because there are too many flashy things too much.  

We choose a telescope to choose their style, girls choose some of the more lively wave lovely telescope, men can choose to focus on the military type of telescope when the purchase must be given a bracket, so it is more convenient to use.  

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