How to adjust the monocular’s high power mode?

With the progress of The Times and the development of science, people’s living standard is getting better and better.  When material conditions have met people’s needs, people begin to pursue spiritual satisfaction.  Like bird watching, stargazing, astronomical observation, and other recreational activities became more and more popular, there was a growing need for a necessary tool: the single-telescope.   Learn how to adjust the monocular’s high power mode.

1. How to adjust the monoculars high power mode?  

First of all, you have to understand and memorize the telescope’s construction system and how its components function.  Then adjust the rate adjustment ring to the 90x side.  Due to the high power environment, the image will shake especially severely, single hand stability is not, so it is best to prepare a camera tripod.  When assembled, turn the rotating focus ring to the right to scale.  Then pull out the focus ring to the longest point and begin to focus on the target you want to observe.

Twist and rotate the focus ring to the middle of the scale of 1-0.5, assuming that the scene in front of you appears blurred in the lens.  When you see the scene, rotate the ring back and stretch it until the scene is clearest.  


2. How to focus a monocular?  

Monoculars can be focused either optically or digitally.  Optical focusing is to achieve the approximate effect of the photographer adjusting the distance between the camera and the object to be photographed by adjusting the distance between the lens groups in the lens, that is, the size of the object to be photographed in the camera viewfinder frame changes correspondingly and the accuracy keeps a limited degree of decline.  Digital focusing is to adjust the size of the output image of the camera by interpolating the image on the digital camera’s imager. The accuracy decreases with the increase of digital magnification.  

Optical zoom ability reflects the design and manufacturing level of camera manufacturers, while digital zoom reflects the calculation method and distortion control level of camera software.  In principle, high magnification optical zoom capability must be coupled with optical anti-shake function, otherwise, the imaging accuracy is still unbearable.  When you focus a telescope, turn the focus wheel until the image is clear and then stop. If you turn it more and more blurred, you are in the opposite direction. Turn it in the opposite direction until it is clear.  

3. How much power is good for a monocular?  

This mainly depends on what you do, if used for bird-watching, the general bird-watching series of single-telescope multiple is relatively high, such as 15X45*70, and 20X60*80, their caliber is generally larger than the double-barrel, so the width of the field of vision is relatively wide;  But if the general travel is more, the general choice of a single tube, it is recommended to choose a small number of questions, so that it is more convenient to carry, will not add unnecessary burden to our travel, like apexel has a 6X single telescope is more suitable for travel to play!  



What does 12×50 mean on a single telescope?  

The power of 12 × 50 is 12 times that of the ordinary naked eye.  So “zoom difference” is a 20% increase in magnification from 10×42 to 12×50.  The diameter of the objective determines the light collecting ability and the size of the field of view.  

How to pick a good telescope?  

What is a good telescope?  When choosing a monocular, look first at its magnification.  A single telescope usually has 6 to 10 times the power, and the higher power allows you to see further and in more detail.  9x or 10X monoculars are usually a little more numerous than 6x or 8x ones.  

Is a single telescope suitable for stargazing?  

Monoculars and small hand-held telescopes are mainly used for wildlife observation, hunting, and daytime observations, but can also be used for astronomy and even astrophotography.  Their small size, lightweight, and ease of use give them many advantages over telescopes and binoculars, especially when traveling.  

Can you use a telescope as a telescope?  

A monocular is like a small telescope.  For the same amount of power, it’s smaller and lighter than binoculars.  When using a telescope, make sure you hold it firmly as you hold it up to your eyes.  You will locate and track the target through the lens.  

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