How to choose a macro lens for your iPhone?

The best lenses for iPhone can revolutionize your smartphone photography.  While smartphone camera arrays are getting better and better, there are still some things that go beyond their physical limitations, such as clip-on lenses and, even better, complete clip-on lens kits that can open up new shooting possibilities, such as macro lenses.  

This is especially true if you opt for one of the cheapest camera-capable phones, as the camera array can be a fairly basic type without the multi-lens options that tend to be found on more advanced, newer phones.  You can choose multiple clip-on lenses as a kit, or only buy lenses that fit your specific interests: macro lenses for close-up work, telephoto lenses for action, anamorphic lenses for filmmaking, etc.  

Apexel Dual Camera Clip HD 10x Macro Lens for Mobile Phone

How to choose a macro lens for your iPhone?  

There are dozens of macro lenses available on your iPhone, all with different specifications, installation methods, and price points.  So how do you decide which macro lens is right for your phone?  First, read the tips below, learn how to choose a macro lens for your iPhone.

(1) Compatibility  

First thing.  There are macro lenses designed for all smartphones, as well as ones designed to work with specific phone models.  Before going any further, find out if the lens you want is compatible with your particular iPhone model.  

(2) Magnification  

The larger the magnification of the iPhone macro lens, the more detail you’ll be able to capture and the larger the objects appear in your photos.  The macro lens has different magnifications, but 15x is standard on the iPhone macro lens.  

(3) Quality  

Ideally, you’ll need a macro lens made of optically grade glass with an attachment that snaps onto the iPhone lens.  If the list doesn’t say what type of material the lens is made of, you can bet it’s a cheap plastic lens.  

Apexel Dual Camera Clip HD 10x Macro Lens for Mobile Phone

(4) Installation method  

Clip-on lenses are good because you can quickly set them up, take pictures, then remove the lens and put it away.  Some lenses are screwed into a case you have to buy for your phone, and some don’t even work unless you use them without a case.  Determine your preferred connection method before making a decision.  

(5) Price  

How much would you pay for a good macro lens for your iPhone?  The cheapest lenses are made of plastic and don’t take great pictures, so they may not even be worth the few dollars you spend on them.  At the other end of the spectrum, you can buy a quality lens for hundreds of dollars.  It’s all up to you.  

How to take macro photography with an iPhone?  

(1) Focus  

If the iPhone lens is too close to an object, it’s hard to focus.  The specific interval needs to be how much, depending on the situation, the iPhone can focus prevail.  As a rule of thumb, 4 inches is the minimum distance, so if you want to find the focal point for your photo, don’t get too close.  

Another focus tip is to turn on the AE/AF (Exposure/focus) lock, which is available in iOS 5 and allows photography enthusiasts to activate AE/AF with a long press on the screen.  

The advantage of being locked in focus is that the photographer can concentrate on the composition without having to refocus, no matter how the photographer moves the iPhone.  

(2) Light  

For a good photograph, light is very important.  In macro photography, the photographer can block the light if he is not careful.  iPhone photographers sometimes get so focused on what’s on the screen that they don’t notice this.  

Apexel Dual Camera Clip HD 10x Macro Lens for Mobile Phone

(3) Use depth of field  

You might think that bokeh and DEPth-of-field are only for professional photography, but iPhone photography can also use these techniques to enhance your own work.  The DOF of an SLR camera depends on three factors: the aperture of the camera lens, the focal length of the lens used, and the distance from the camera.  However, there is only one last factor that the iPhone can control: how far the camera is taken.  As you get closer to the subject, the depth of field becomes more pronounced and you can see how hazy the man in red looks in the image below.  

(4) Overall effect  

One thing to keep in mind for iPhone macro shots is that bokeh can also affect the overall look of a piece.  Therefore, we choose the scene to minimize the number of objects in the lens and highlight the subject.  Even if the object is out of focus, it should be associated with the subject, which is the difference between “iPhone casual photography” and “iPhone photography”.  

If you’re ready to buy the best macro lens for your iPhone and your family, go to the APEXEL store website to get the best macro lens you can get for your money.  Use a macro lens to add photographic glamour to your iPhone. Come and feel the magic of macro photography.  

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