How to pick out the portable monoculars?

Portable monoculars, also known as Little Monoculars, have been regarded as EDC gear by telescope enthusiasts. Because it is smaller than binoculars, it has the advantages of carrying, searching for targets, and clear viewing from the distance. It is a must-have collection in the telescope player circle and functional equipment often used in many work fields.

Portable monoculars are broadly divided into two categories, including specialized bird-watching mirrors, and converted small-aperture telescopes. The place these two kinds of mirrors in common is that the caliber is relatively small, generally between 50-80mm, and easy to carry.

At the same time, the magnification rate is generally about dozens of times, and then small the binoculars have no advantage, and then large the field of vision is too dark.

This ratio exceeds the stable range and needs to be used with the tripod. Because the observation is the ground scenery, the needs to be an upright image. Generally speaking, bird viewing mirrors form an upright image by a prism.

Although the telescope can also form an upright image by adding an upright prism, it still uses a 90-degree zenith prism or mirror to form the opposite image. Almost all astronomy and part of the bidders can be connected to the SLR as a manual telephoto lens.

This mirror does not very long to be portable. Ordinary chromatin objective lens will have more obvious color difference and other impact imaging. To improve the image quality of high-end products will use ED (ultra-low dispersion) glass or jade stone and other special optical materials processing objective lens, the image quality is improved, the price is more than doubled, from one or two thousand yuan to more than at least four or five thousand yuan at least.

The difference between these two telescopes is that the bird-watching mirrors are generally equipped with fixed or special eyepieces, and the focusing mechanism is also made of one. Some mirrors can achieve waterproof and nitrogen filling sealing, easy to use.

The astronomical cannot be sealed, but because the 90-degree zenith only reflects once, the light path is much simpler than the imaging prism and loses less image quality, so the astronomical mirror of the same grade is slightly better than the birdwatching mirror. In addition, the astronomical scope of a wider range can use a more advanced, field of view, acuity, and other better performance.

The comfort of binoculars is far less comfortable than the double cylinder, of course, everyone needs different needs, monoculars are very convenient for simple observation objectives, in addition, if the vision gap in your eyes is large, the single-cylinder is also very suitable for yourself.

So what should the novice purchase need to pay attention to? How to choose a portable monocular? Let’s take a look at this guide to find out.

How to pick out the portable monoculars?

(1) Double rate

Dozens of yuan monoculars vision is small, the same target, 30 times not 10 times the field of view. The 30-fold rate is not as large as the 10-fold rate, which indicates that the 30X50 is a false specification. The larger the ratio, the farther the distance, but at the same time, the hand shaking will also be magnified, easy to cause the effect of vertigo, it is recommended to buy 7-10 times is the best.

(2) Calibration

The larger the caliber, the more the light is collected, the clearer it looks, and the larger the caliber, the weight increases. It is recommended to choose between 30-50mm if you can choose the largest hand, or about 40 is the best. In addition, more than this value is mostly starry sky/bird watching, which needs to be matched with stable support.

(3) Look at the prism material

Those monoculars probably use BK7 material, with low light transmittance, dim effect, and not sharp, while BAK4 has good light transmittance and clear and bright imaging.

(4) Look at the increased penetration membrane

The more the film, the clearer the imaging is. Generally, the single-layer mirror is red or blue-purple, the multilayer is light green or dark purple, and the thicker thick monolayer is green.

(5) Look at the effect

The first time to take the telescope, the effect of two small single-cylinder, what you pay, sure enough, the effect of dozens of yuan can be described in four words to describe “dim”, the picture above is more direct. Using the mobile phone transfer ring to connect the small single-cylinder, the effect is completely different. The effect edge of the good-quality mirror is clear.

(6) Look at the packaging

A brand is not only the name of a product but also a credit symbol of a product. There is no warranty, for those rope, mirror cloth, and other small accessories. And good brands or regular manufacturers will generally have a warranty and other these things.

For example, 6X monoculars, which not only have a warranty, but also have handles, hangings, and other accessories cost less than $50.It is also very convenient to use, plus it can give users fresh imaging, which is also very popular with consumers.

Don’t blindly pursue the price when buying portable monoculars. Long-term use of cheap monoculars can also hurt your eyesight. But also remember to buy a telescope do not have to buy the expensive, suitable for their use is the best.

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