How to pick the best travel telescope for novices in 2022?

Are you looking for the best travel telescope? We conducted research to help you find the perfect travel telescope for your needs. Both professional photographers and beginners. Wouldn’t it be nice to put aside all the technical issues of photography and plan a journey of your own, with your own travel telescope? Hope you make the right decision after reading how to pick the best travel telescope for novices in 2022!

Although there are many expensive stationary telescopes that can be used at home, there are other portable and lighter models for easy travel. They’re usually not powerful enough to see planets in depth, but they should be great for wide-angle observations and lightweight enough to carry around.

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(1) How to pick the best travel telescope for novices?

All telescopes also come in certain sizes and types. This can be quite confusing, and when you just want a good portable telescope, you’re often faced with more information than you know what to do with. Can be considered from the following aspects:

1. Small size and light weight

Travel binoculars need to be carried around at all times, so it is important to be small and light. Unless professional enthusiasts need to choose large aperture, large size telescope, general tourists should choose small volume, light weight telescope.

2. Select the ridge prism

Roof prism effect is also poured the objective lens into the like inverted into up and down as again, because of the structure, into the incoming light of the roof prism and roof prism of emergent rays on a straight line, so the use of roof prism binoculars, volume can be done is smaller and lighter weight, significantly improves the portability, and lens center spacing is small, The nearest observation distance is short, especially suitable for natural observation.

3. Keep your view as wide as possible

Binoculars, small size, light weight, the aperture of the telescope will be small (the aperture size of the telescope, directly determines the size and weight of the telescope). And the general aperture is small, if the telescope design is not very clever, this small pocket telescope, the field of vision will be very small. A telescope with too small a field of view will narrow the tourist view, be very uncomfortable to use, and not be able to see the full view. Tourist telescopes need to see as much as possible.

4. The resolution

This is the first indicator. Poor resolution mirrors help you see the crocodile as a tree trunk. Exit pupil: This can be calculated simply by dividing the diameter by the multiple. The higher the number, the better for catching your prey in low light.

5. Color restoration

Coloration exists with many telescopes, and general observation may be less rigorous, but if you’re using it for field birding, you won’t be able to correctly describe the color of a bird’s feathers.

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6. Caliber

According to the use of different emphasis and requirements, 20-40mm is more ideal. Outdoor travel itself need personal carry plenty of equipment and supplies, in every gram weight affect the physical conditions, one-sided pursuit of optical performance and ignore the volume and the weight is not realistic, in a sense, to say the weight and the optical properties of the contradictions are irreconcilable, the mirror of the large diameter high brightness, inevitably lead to the rapid increase of the overall weight, so, Compromise between weight and optical requirements to your satisfaction, depending on your own needs and preferences.

(2) What type of travel telescope should I choose?

Those of you who love to travel know that we can’t measure every inch of land with our feet, so there are always some beautiful places that we can’t touch. Thanks to a telescope, we can see all the beautiful places without missing them all.

Almost all brands have the right size and weight for travel, but not every brand is suitable, and there are not many telescopes that are really suitable for travel. Check out the Apexel website for telescopes, most of which will suit your needs. By the end of this article, I believe you have a good understanding of how to buy the best travel telescope. I hope you can buy your own telescope soon.

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