How to take a good indoor portrait?

1. Choose the correct aperture and settings for indoor portrait photography  

For indoor portrait photography, you need to focus on using equipment that can compress the background with a small depth of field.  In some cases, such as photographing an artist in a private studio, your portrait will require a greater depth of field in order to include background elements of your location.  However, in standard indoor shots, such as families, couples, and children, you’ll want to create clear, clean portraits and give you visually appealing blurry, bokeh backgrounds.  To do this, you should consider lenses that produce almost no distortion.  

2. It’s important to choose the right time and place  

I think the timing is a particularly important part of photography because photography can be said to be the art of light painting.  Photography is inseparable from light, especially for me, a photographer who does not use flash photography, natural light has become the most important tool for photography.  Choosing a good time such as after 9 am or after 2 pm is what I think is a good time.  The Angle of sunlight entering is very comfortable and conducive to shooting, because this time it is mainly about indoor lighting, so it is necessary to choose a window with good orientation.  

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3. Makeup is important  

Makeup is a part that can’t be ignored. If you have the ability to have a makeup artist, it’s better. If you don’t, I hope you can check the problems of the model’s makeup before taking, such as whether the false eyelashes are firmly glued, whether the eyeliner is crooked, and whether the foundation is too white.  Good makeup can modify a model’s many shortcomings.  

4. Use your emotions to avoid embarrassment and facial paralysis  

In fact, most photographers have more or less mastered the essence of all kinds of portrait photography, but in specific indoor photography always feel less than the effect they want, in addition to the basic skills mentioned above, the photographer might as well consider whether the communication and the atmosphere of the scene is not a problem.  

Before shooting oneself want to shoot the theme idea is good, this is one should know.  Communicate your ideas and body language to your model, making it easier for her to say what you want.  You can also play some of the models’ favorite music to get closer to them.  You’ll be less inhibited and behave naturally.  

If you don’t know the model very well, don’t ask her to pose or smile awkwardly. Talk to her first.  For example, talk about the shooting experience, like what kind of shooting style, prepare some samples and discuss with the model, more can ask the model, think they prefer their left face or right face, what pose is more comfortable, more accustomed to.  And then gradually clap clap.

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5. Distinguish the direction and intensity of light to cater to and regulate light  

For example, when shooting in sunny weather, the light intensity is high, and the closer you are to the window, the more intense and “hard” the light will be. If you choose to be near the window, you should consider that sufficient and strong direct light will make the face exposure of the characters too large, and it is easy to create obvious shadows and contrasts.  If there is a window, the shadow left by the window edge will be in the picture, especially the girl’s face appearing very prominent.  

Stay away from natural light sources such as Windows. The light will be reflected multiple times on the walls and ceiling of the room. After the diffuse reflection, the light on the girl’s face, body, and clothing are more uniform.  However, if you are too far away from the window, you should also pay attention to avoid the contradiction between artificial light and natural light sources in the house. The interactive light source produces disorderly and redundant shadows to the main body, which makes the light appear messy.  Of course, if it is deliberately artistic expression, it can also emphasize such expression.  

Find the direction in which the light is reflected multiple times, and use the relationship between shadows and light to make your girl’s face appear smaller.  The model also should undertake certain poses to cooperate, let facial ministry face the white wall that reflects strongest and ceiling, slightly raise the head, the facial ministry receives light fully, facial features are very stereo, let neck and face transition place produce transition shadow at the same time, can appear face is smaller, this is the magic of light actually.  

Another tip, very sincere, is that many photographers care about the effect of light reflection on the skin of the portrait. There are two ways to solve this problem. First, shoot in RAW format and adjust the white balance later.  

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Every time you shoot outside or create by yourself, you will have new attempts and ideas. If you record these, you will see progress in your photography. This time, I know five very important factors through the choice of shooting time, which determine the impact of light Angle on models.  Choose the right environment and try to find interesting lights and shadows.  Make good use of light and shadow, try more positions and angles, different vision will sometimes have surprises, use light to create a beautiful outline of the model, I hope my experience is helpful to everyone.  For more tips on photography, visit the Apexel website.  

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