Keep 6 habits and improve your photography skills quickly

Difficulties are a good learning environment. While summing up these 6 photography habits, I also received a lot of frustration and frustration, as well as a summary after losing some subjects forever.  I hope these tips help you improve your photography, so let’s get started.  

1. Be curious and try to find answers  

For beginners who are just beginning photography, there will be a lot of questions, which is a good thing, we want to know how to get the shot we need, what technology or equipment is needed;  Trying to figure out the purpose, setting a goal or trying to change your environment will make us more interested in the development of photography.  

Landscapes took with good photography habits

2. Take advice  

As you practice, learn, and get results, ask friends for advice or post to the photography team for advice.  What are the differences between people’s ideas?  Where can we learn from the shortcomings of our filming?  Learning to accept ideas and suggestions, and try to apply them, will help us improve photography faster.  

3. Share and exchange knowledge and experience with others  

While studying and practicing, maybe you can try to pass on your knowledge or experience to others, which will help us find our shortcomings in sharing with others.  

4. Shoot with your heart  

You know what aperture and focal length your device have when to adjust the ISO, and you know how to assign them correctly.  When you see your photos, you should feel where you are not doing your best.  

Photography is not only to take pictures of his appearance but more importantly, to take pictures of his content, to take pictures of their own feelings.  

5. Ditch technology  

I think you should learn how to expose, how to focus better, and just let it go.  I think too much time is spent arguing about how a photo is a little blurry, or thinking about the finer points of photography.  

Some of the world’s most iconic photos are “soft” or even blurry.  Some even overexpose the sky, among many other things.  

Landscapes taken with good photography practices

The quality of the photos themselves is just the technical imperfections of the equipment, so please ignore them.  

So, if your focus is 10000% accurate, white balance, and other settings are correct, you can focus more on how to make the photo better, and the Angle.  

6. Break the rules to make your photos stand out  

Imagine a beautiful van driving down the road with soothing sounds that indicate the car is performing well, AC, GPS, and Windows, and small children laughing in the back seat.  Everything is so beautiful, suddenly when the car turned, an annoying accident happened, the car hit the wall.  

Everything happened so suddenly that no one expected the accident to come.  A sign on the bus said, ‘You can’t see it coming.’  It’s not just a commercial slogan for vans these days, it’s also a safety symbol in people’s minds.  

The reason this is so memorable is that van ads take the time to create a pattern in people’s minds, and people break that pattern, and they think of van commercials as reminders of accidents.  This unconventional approach will serve us well.  

You can do the same with your photos.  You can create a routine in your mind and then break the routine in your mind.  How many pictures of palm trees have you seen since you were born?  I’ve seen so many, so many.  To make my shot stand out, I decided to use the shadow of the tree behind me in the foreground, the tree in front of me in the middle, and the other two trees in parallel.  It looks like it’s unglazed, doesn’t it?  That’s how you break the mold.  

Developing good photography habits can help you improve your photography skills. If you want to know more about photography, you can visit our blog site. You are also welcome to leave a comment here and share your photography skills with us.  

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