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Learn from this article, let’s know about monoculars.

1. How Monoculars work

In daily life, optical telescopes are usually a barrel-shaped optical instrument that is visualized by focusing the lens directly through the convex lens, or through the reflection of the concave lens, or through a magnifying eyepiece.Optical telescopes in daily life are commonly known as “clairvoyant eyes”.It mainly includes amateur telescopes, drama viewing telescopes, and military binoculars.

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2. Structure of the single-binoculars

Monoculars are composed of an objective lens and an eyepiece.The focal length of the eyepiece is almost equal to the length of the mirror barrel.The short focal length is about 0.5-1.0cm.When assembling the telescope, the focus of the objective lens and the eyepiece coincides.In this way, when the objective lens gathers the outside light on the focus, the objective lens changes the light gathered by the eyepiece into parallel light and into the human eye.

In general, the focal length of a telescope refers to 1 / (the focal length of the eyepiece objective), 100. Only if this value is the same as the degree of your eyes.If you can’t see it clearly, you can only adjust the quasi-focal helix.

3. Monoculars type

Monoculars are divided into two categories: handheld type and desktop type.
Hand-held type: it is a small binoculars, generally can be used with one hand or both hands.Single-handed binoculars are small and can often be seen in some spy film and television works.Although small and easy to carry, the optical performance can not compete with binoculars.After all, the volume has limited its production process.

Two-handed monoculars are less on the market and used to be seen in movies.Scaltype of telescope.But the magnification is very limited and the scaltable telescope has very poor definition.Because you have to go through the multi-layer mirror surface of the refraction.So it is rarely used in the current telescope production process.

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Desktop: monoculars used with the tripod, the types of desktop telescopes used in the fixed table or plane are generally relatively high.Mainly used for professional observation and military observation (sniper goggles).Special bi is suitable for observing distant targets.Most desktop telescopes are variable designs that can change their magnification as needed.

4. Monoculars are used

(1) Dual-tone use

Hold the monocular cylinder in the left hand and see a circular field of view, turn the movable part of the objective in the right hand until you see a clear scene.The eyepiece rotation site can compensate for a more precise focus.
The double-tune version is 1.5 meters, which is not available to other telescopes.

(2) Monotonic use

Hold the monoculars in the left hand and see a circular field of view, turn the eyewheel in the right hand until you see a clear scene.Pay attention to the scale position under the eyepiece hand wheel, and generally turn to the same position when used again in the future.

Monoculars have the characteristics of folding rubber eye mask, wear glasses can fold the eye mask for use, do not wear glasses to use normally, making viewing more convenient and comfortable.

5. How to choose the portable binoculars?

Holding a telescope, this type is not recommended.Generally holding a telescope, what should pay attention to when choosing:
First, if holding a telescope, it is best to choose twins, twins have a three-dimensional sense.(On the contrary of a tripod, that is the mainstream of a single cylinder, because it’s not introduced here, because it has nothing to do with the theme, but you’re asking about handheld classes. )
Second, holding a telescope, do not choose this kind of too small and pocket, the effect has a loss.

6. Monoculars are recommended

The Apexel’s 6X monoculars are really cost-effective, with good quality and high-end appearance.And the viewing experience is definitely level 1.The photos taken directly by the phone zoom magnified to see the target, but even the objects around the target through 6X binoculars.Very good to use baby!Whether is their own use or send friends, it is ok.

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