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IOT is breaking the mold!

We offer you the highest technology, the most sophisticated calculations and all the services you need so that you can manufacture the lenses that you want.

LOT Lenses

Ready-to-start designs and products

Create state-of-the-art, ultra-high quality lenses with our innovative products, technologies, and tools.

Our product portfolio reflects everything we have learned throughout our history. Since our inception, we have never stopped learning. We believe that wearers have to be at the center of the innovation process. Only this way can we create more advanced lenses and be able to produce a new generation of them that’s substantially superior.




Lens designs

Create state-of-the-art, ultra high quality lenses with our innovative products, technologies, and tools.

Innovation as a service

We are specialists in creating, adjusting, and developing exclusive ophthalmic products, designs, and formulas. We are innovation facilitators. With us, you can go as far as you want to go.

Apexel Optic IOT can help you turn your ideas into real solutions for your business.

What Can We Do — Our technologies

Apexel Optic IOT Intelligence

Apexel Optic Camber Technology

Camber Technology

By combining complex curvatures on both lens surfaces, this technology provides superior vision correction. It is specially designed to increase the reading area and improve peripheral vision.

Digital Optical Path

By incorporating the intelligent use of wearer accommodation into traditional calculations, tilt aberrations are minimized more effectively than ever before.

Apexel optic Intelligent Technology

Intelligent Technology

Apexel Optic IOT Intelligence brings a range of innovative products and technologies that enable our partners to manufacture the highest quality lenses.

Apexel optic Intelligent Technology

Innovative Ecosystem

We love to innovate together with our partners. Innovation is part of everything we do. We provide disruptive and different solutions. We are building the future of eyeglass lenses.

Apexel has full design capability paired with years of manufacturing experience allowing us to produce any special lens…. in any quantity!

You are one step away from enjoying all the advantages and services that we offer you. Just tell us how to accompany you to finish solving your doubts.


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