Machine Vision Lenses

Apexel's high-performance machine vision lenses leverage cutting-edge optical design expertise to ensure accurate imaging performance for machine vision systems used during assembly and inspection on production lines.

Machine vision lenses

Apexel Optic machine vision

Machine Vision Lenses & High Resolution Lens Assemblies from Apexel

Apexel Optic's lenses can be used in machine vision, factory automation and robotics applications. Using Apexel Optic's ultra-wide-angle lens, we can perform XY mapping of objects in the image faster and more accurately. NIR-corrected day/night lenses are ideal for multispectral applications.

  • Fixed and zoom options
  • Up to 135 degree HFOV
  • 4K and 4K compatible resolutions – up to 12 megapixels, 300 lp/mm
  • Vis-only and NIR-corrected for multispectral applications
  • Manual, P-iris and DC auto-iris versions
  • Compatible with 2/3", 1/1.7", 1/2.3" and smaller image sensor formats

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A total of 99 types of large field of view bilateral telecentric lenses
A total of 13 kinds of parallel light backlight sources have a full range of products

15 fields of view
35mm, 45mm, 55mm, 65mm, 80mm, 90mm, 100mm, 120mm 135mm, 150mm, 180mm, 195mm, 240mm, 265mm, 310mm

The lens supports 7 chip sizes
The maximum chip size that can correspond to is 82mm

Apexel Bi-Telecentric Technology

*MTF stands for Modulation Transfer Function (spatial frequency). This shows that when the lens forms black and white pattern bars of continuously varying intensity, the contrast decreases in the number of black and white pattern bars per millimeter of image plane. MTF is a method of evaluating the ability of a lens to reproduce contrast. Apexel uses MTF to check both image formation and contrast from the center to the edge of the image area.

Apexel MTF Evaluation Lenses


  • Designed to position the chief ray parallel to the optical axis of the lens on the object and image sides by controlling the angle of view to “near zero”
  • Image side magnification is maintained regardless of how close/far the object is located, providing an ideal solution for dimensional measurements
  • High-precision measurement even if the object is positioned at an angle or at different heights
    The sensor has a constant angle of incidence, produces fewer shadows, and produces images with very uniform brightness
    In addition to reducing the effects of object position shifts, stable, repeatable measurements are possible even if the camera or sensor mounts are not firmly fixed along the optical axis

Apexel’s high-quality telecentric lenses have become the industry standard for semiconductor, flat panel display and other electronic manufacturing applications that require machine vision for identification, mounting, alignment and/or inspection. Our lenses achieve high-contrast, high-resolution, and low-distortion imaging with optional integrated coaxial light sources that use our exclusive hot spot noise reduction technology. The technology incorporates features of advanced optical design and user-friendly interface. Catalog specifications alone cannot fully demonstrate the high quality of MORIET lenses.

Telecentric Lens Features/Applications

  • Anti-hot spot measures

Apexel telecentric lens anti-hot spot measures

Apexel telecentric lens anti-hot spot measures

  • No distortion

These products embody our quest for aberration-free high performance that eliminates optical distortion and removes the user’s need for any distortion correction measures.

Apexel Distortion Free Telecentric Lenses

  • Design concept

Pixel size, resolution limit frequency, F no correlation, with three optical designs for CCD cameras

Apexel Telecentric Lens Pixel and Resolution Chart

A new large-scale parallel light source module that can only be introduced by leading manufacturers in the field of machine vision.

  • Applied to precise image processing.
  • Uniform illumination over a 78mm diameter area at a working distance of 110mm.
  • Adjustable light intensity and emission line via lens iris diaphragm.

To get the best performance from our lenses, we offer a wide range of top-quality accessories for every lens. Whether you just need to mount a lens, or bend light for applications in limited spaces, we have solutions to help you achieve the best results. Accessories include 90-degree prisms, optical axis tilt converters, rear conversion mirrors, filters, protective lenses, mounts, and more. If you need custom accessories or integrated optics, you are welcome to contact us at any time.

Apexel has full design capability paired with years of manufacturing experience allowing us to produce any special lens…. in any quantity!

If you are looking for custom lens assemblies for your medical system, please feel free to talk to our experts. We can provide professional advice and assistance for your lens components.


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