Macro lens to make your shooting easier

Now mobile phones have a very good macro function, and macro is also one of the subjects we like to shoot. After all, a macro lens is a relatively more aspect. You can take good macro photos at home. Use a macro lens to make your shooting easier. Summer is coming, morning dew, flowers, flying insects are the main subject of macro cameras, as long as you have patience, then mobile phones naturally can take a good macro photo.

So how does a phone shoot a macro? In fact, there are many ways to take a macro camera on a mobile.

1. Ways to take a macro camera on a mobile

(1) Mobile phone macro.

Take advantage of your phone’s built-in macro function. Currently, most flagship phones support macro/super macro shooting. Just find the macro mode and start shooting.

In addition, for professional users, you can also choose the professional mode, choose their own macro mode for shooting. In most cases, the macro mode icon is a small flower. In general, choose automatic mode.

(2) External macro lens.

External lenses were more popular a few years ago, mainly because the macro function of mobile phones was not as powerful as today’s mobile phones. You must use external lenses to take good macro photos. If your mobile phone is an old model or a thousand yuan phone, then you can use an external macro lens to shoot.


Now that many phones support super macro, there’s less need for external lenses.

Understand the macro camera phone hardware, you need to make sure good subjects, like the dew of macro picture, actually we can shoot at home, for example, you can use a watering can to small bonsai spray water in the home, if you want to create a light and shadow, can undertake lighting use desk lamp, flashlight, and then can shoot, very convenient, is the perfect choice for learning macro photography.

Go out to shoot macro objects more, a roadside flower, a small ant, small bees are macro enthusiasts like to take. For beginners, you can start with flowers and grasses macro.

2. Choice of lighting for shooting

Photography is the art of light and shadow, and obviously light is very important for shooting, so for the most part, we can shoot in the morning and evening. In addition, for the subject of photography, I like backlight photography, such as water droplets, backlight photography appears crystal clear, flowers and grasses, small insects backlight photography also appears very transparent, three-dimensional sense of the picture.

3. Various scenes using macro photography

(1) Photographing flowers


For example, after determining a flower, you can open the phone, use the stamen as the focus, move the phone lens back and forth, and press the shutter when the focus is most clear. Actually, stamen photography is a little difficult for a cell phone. Especially when it comes to hypericum, the focus may not be on the cluster you want to photograph, so be patient.

(2) Photographing dewdrop


Dewdrop photography also involves first locating and identifying the dewdrop object to be photographed, then removing excess leaves nearby and moving back and forth to focus. At the same time, it needs to pay attention to avoid touching the leaves as much as possible to avoid damaging the shape of the dewdrop.

(3) Photographing insects


For some fixed subjects for macro photography, we only need to watch the angle, focus clearly can press the shutter to shoot, but for some small insects, especially bees, butterflies, and other small animals, a little wind and grass will fly away, need to capture. Therefore, most of the time, we go out to shoot these small animals in the morning. Generally, at this time, there will be some dew on the wings of these small animals and their reaction is relatively slow.

At this time, we can slowly move the camera of the mobile phone close to the main body and quickly focus on the shooting. In fact, macro shooting with autofocus can be slow and sticky for these insects, so you can use professional mode and adjust the shutter speed according to the live light to reduce the chances of getting sticky.

In addition, for making these little insects, we can choose a mobile phone zoom to shoot, the many mobile phones support within five times optical zoom, they can choose 2 times, 3 times, and so on zoom to photograph, and 10 times, 20 times the digital zoom is not meaningful and easy to shake, easy to paste, it is not recommended to choose.

Although macro photography is not physical work, it is a very test of one’s endurance. Macro photography needs patience, care, especially for small insects such as macro photography. It needs good concentration, sometimes squatting in the grass for hours, is more tiring than physical work. Pick up your phone and discover the beauty of the macro.


When to use a macro camera?

The Macro mode is a setting on your camera that you can use to take close-up pictures of small objects such as insects or flowers.

What is macro in the camera of Samsung smartphones?

Today, every smartphone comes with a heavy-weight rear camera loaded with features. In the Samsung smartphone camera, one of the modes is a Macro Mode. This mode allows the users to capture objects from a close distance. When this mode is enabled, it switches the camera into a special close focus mode and many allow you to get less than 10 cm from the subject.

What is a macro camera in a mobile?

“Macro photography” is taking a photo of a subject in extreme close-up so it appears life-size or larger in the resulting image. Close-up photos are popular, especially for nature photography, because they can capture details of insects, flowers, and more with incredible clarity.

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