Manufacturing Technique

Apexel continues to introduce international advanced production technology, and improves the corresponding production technology according to the customer’s demand, so as to meet or exceed the customer’s demandApexel has more than 10 advanced production lines, which greatly improves the production capacity, reduces the cost, and ensures the consistency of product quality.

Apexel has a 23580 square meters production base, and the annual production capacity is 50 million lenses. High degree of automation, stable production capacity. More than 80 suppliers are adjacent to Shenzhen. Apexel supply chain is stable and perfect.

We utilize traditional optics, precision mechanics and world class assembly to provide full OEM lens modules that meet demanding image quality requirements.  We produce large quantities of commercial orders and complex, custom prototypes – to precise customer specifications.  

apexel Blister tray lens

Apexel manufactures high quality optical lenses and components including high magnification Imaging lenses, ultra-preclsion microscope objectives, 4K lenses, cine prime lenses and infrared (IR) solutions.

Lens precision grinding


Advanced Equipment

Apexel has precision grinding equipment, large stamping equipment, self-assembly equipment and automatic production equipment. Large stamping equipment: With the ability to make high precision optical glass, support, etoSelf-built assembly equipment: With automatic equipment department, not only can improve and upgrade the existing production line, but also can develop automatic production equipment. Automatic production equipment: Improve production efficiency, reduce cost, ensure quality consistency, ensure on time delivery.

Delivery Advantage

With the advantage of perfect logistics infrastructure . Apexel can deliver goods quickly by sea, land and air to ensure on-time delivery rate.


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