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Specially Designed Microscope Lens

Compared with ordinary microscope objectives, it has a longer working distance and a shorter total system length. Add ED lens for achromatic, and the image quality is very high.

The Microscope Has Its Own Screen

The marble design is adopted to realize the 75° range adjustment of the display screen. And to ensure that the screen is still stable after adjustment.

Microscope With Fill Light

The color and brightness of the fill light can be adjusted. The same dyed biological tissue can be photographed with better details or different tissue structures of the same organism by changing the color of the light.

APEXEL Premium Products

Apexel high resolution MS003 Portable Digital Microscope

MS003 Digital Handheld Microscope can be used as a handheld or tabletop magnification tool that can be a great portable companion in your home, outdoor, lab, or field.

The device combines a 1/3" 2.0MP CMOS sensor with an Infrared-reducing optical system to provide high-resolution images and videos with a magnification range from20x to 200x.

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