Microscope Maintenance Method

A microscope is an optical instrument consisting of a lens or a combination of lenses. It is the symbol of mankind’s entry into the atomic age.  Mainly used to magnify small objects into the human eye can see the instrument.  Microscopes are divided into light microscopes and electron microscopes: the light microscope was developed in 1590 by Janssen and His son in Holland.  The microscope is one of the greatest inventions of this age.  Before it was invented, man’s conception of the world around him was limited to using the naked eye or helping what the naked eye saw with a hand-held lens.  


Microscope maintenance method:  

(1) Moistureproof if the indoor humidity, optical lenses are easy to mold, fog.  Once moldy lenses are hard to remove.  Because the lens inside the microscope is not easy to wipe, the moisture is more harmful to it.  Mechanical parts are easy to rust after damp.  To protect microscopes from moisture, in addition to selecting a dry room, they should also be stored away from walls, floors, and wet sources.  1 ~ 2 bags of silica gel should be placed in the microscope box as a desiccant.  And often baked silica gel.  After its color becomes pink, it should be baked in time, and then continue to use after baking.  

(2) Dust falls on the surface of dustproof optical elements, which not only affects the passage of light but also generates large stains after amplification by the optical system, affecting observation.  Dust and sand fall into mechanical parts, but also increase wear and tear, cause movement blocked, and the same great harm.  Therefore, the microscope must be kept clean at all times.  

(3) Anti-corrosion microscope should not be put together with corrosive chemical reagents.  Such as sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, strong alkali, and so on.  

(4) The purpose of heat prevention and heat prevention is mainly to avoid the opening and shedding of the lens caused by thermal expansion and contraction.  

(5) A sharp object, such as a nail, needle, etc.  

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