• Various anti-reflective (AR coating), highly reflective (HR coating),Filter, and partially reflective (PR coating) coatings available and Metallic Designs
  • Diamond-Like Carbon Coatings with High Hardness and Resistance to Scratches and Corrosion
  • Customizable coatings from UV to LWIR spectral range
  • Make coatings meet the Standard Mil Spec tests of Abrasion (Mil-C-675A), Adhesion (Mil-M-13508C), Hardness(MIL-M-13508C) 


The coating on the optical element is very important, it can improve the transmittance, high reflectivity, etc. Apexel Optics has a wide range of coating capabilities and can provide various anti-reflection (AR coating), high reflection (HR coating) and partial reflection (PR coating) coatings as required. From simple single-layer AR and mirror coatings using MgF2 to complex multilayer dielectric films, Apexel Optics offers a wide variety of coatings and coatings for life science applications and medical devices, visible (VIS) and infrared (IR) spectroscopy Regional application production coating expertise.Contact us for more information


The technical performance and reliability of optical films directly affect the performance of the application system. With 20 years of experience, we are able to adapt and engineer very complex spectral properties from electron beam thermal evaporation and its ion beam assisted deposition to ion beam sputtering and magnetron sputtering. If our standard coating options are not suitable for your application, we will work with you to design a custom coating.

Size range : 3mm ~ 200mm
Broadband application range: 250nm ~ 2500nm
High Film Layer Count Coating : 100 + Layer

Apexel Optical Coating Application Fields

  • Anti-Reflection Coatings – Single Layer Coatings, Broadband Multilayer Anti-Reflection Coatings, Ultra Low Reflection Coatings for Lasers and Leds, AR / AR + AF Protectors
  • Semi-Mirrors – Head-Up Displays, Augmented Reality (AR) and Smart Glasses
  • Beamsplitters – Polarized Beamsplitter, Unpolarized Beamsplitter
  • Prisms – Total Reflection Prisms, Polarizing Beamsplitter Prisms
  • Filters – Color Filters, Dichroic Filters, Narrow Band Filters, Multipass Band Filters, UV/IR Cut Filters, Night Vision Filters, Plexiglas Coatings
  • Mirrors – Metallic aluminum, silver and chrome coatings for added protection and reflectivity, hot and cold mirrors, multilayer dielectric reflective coatings
  • Customized optical coatings for various UV, visible, and infrared applications

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