Outdoor travel telescope choose a monocular or a binocular?

Outdoor travel telescopes are generally essential, because you can have a panoramic view of the distance, to make your travel colorful, but many people have been struggling with: outdoor travel telescope choose a monocular or a binocular?

There are many kinds of telescope products, now the market is full of telescopes, the reflection of the lens into the small holes and gather imaging, and then through a magnifying eyepiece and is seen, also known as “swift mirror”.Whether it is watching performance competitions, or outdoor hiking, balcony viewing, bird watching, we need to choose a suitable telescope.

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In terms of observation effect, the double cylinder effect of the same specification is much better than that of a single cylinder. The image is three-dimensional, higher resolution, bright imaging and more comfortable observation.

However, the volume and weight of the single cylinder is more than half smaller than that of the same specification, and it is easier to achieve higher fold change, such as bird watching mirror.So for handheld telescopes, to get better results, for a lighter volume, for a single cylinder.If you can go on a tripod and want to get a high doubling effect, a single-tube bird-watching mirror is recommended.

Before you buy anything, you definitely have to determine what is important for you.What do you most want to observe?How far is the distance do you need to observe?What is your budget?And how much weight can you afford to travel?Answer these key questions, find out your own situation with the information on the market, and you will be on the right path to picking out telescopes that will satisfy you for the coming years.

An ideal outdoor sports telescope should have the following characteristics: nitrogen charged and waterproof, outsourcing rubber, with the appropriate multiple and caliber, portability and ease of use, of course, excellent optical quality is the minimum.In order to prevent the infiltration of rain or the lens fog in cold weather or even the long bad use of dust entry, the outdoor telescope should have strict workmanship requirements.

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Use in the field for a long time, and unintentional bumping is inevitable. The telescope with unsatisfactory design structure or workmanship materials is easy to lead to optical damage such as axis-heavy shadow. Therefore, apexel’s 10X42W telescope has a very wide vision and a very small close focus.There is a very good protection measure outside the mirror, in addition to shock absorption can also improve the feel and grip.

Outdoor travel telescope choose a monocular or a binocular?

It is absolutely double tube, the first view and bird watching, obviously is to see more comfortable, better portability, a long time with the eyes are easy to get tired, and there is no visual imaging superposition effect will also affect the three-dimensional sense of the picture.

And in principle, there are many differences between the telescope and the viewing.For example, do not pay attention to the edge clarity, only pay attention to the central sharpness.Lenses with a long focal length provide a very narrow vision.

So, in fact, telescopes are not suitable for viewing the scenery.And now the market popular so-called “astronomical scenery dual-use mirror”, this product often has a very awkward situation, not suitable for seeing the scenery, watching astronomy, it is not very suitable.Both aspects are not taken good care of.

Outdoor travel telescope binoculars and single tubes are common outdoor equipment, but for both functional and practical, binoculars are better.Of course, if you are convenient, you can go to the offline physical store to buy, you can personally experience the real observation effect of the telescope. Apexel’s telescope is very good, the basic imaging is clear, and cheap.Interested in what you can check it out.

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