What should you pay attention to when buying a monocular?

Many people have difficulty in choosing the syndrome when choosing telescopes, such as “choose binoculars or binoculars” and “which brand to choose”.

In fact, these thoughts are normal, and the monocular advantage of binoculars over binocular binoculars is light and portable, with very different performance. No matter what you buy, we know that the right is the most important, and buying a monoculars is no exception. So what do you need to pay attention to when buying a monocular?

1. What is a monocular?

A single cartridge, with a lens at the front and an eyepiece at the back, we can see monoculars as half a binocular or as a mini telescope if you wish.This may make it look like a niche device, but head to any bird fair and you will find monoculars much for sale.

In addition to being used to observe wildlife over long distances, the compact size and lightweight structure ensure they are very convenient to pack during excursions or exploring.They can also be held safely in the palm of the hand, while adjusting the focal length with the same hand for simple manipulation in terms of user-friendliness.

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2. What should you pay attention to when buying a monocular?

(1) Multiple

Many people always think that the higher the optical multiple, the better. In fact, the reasonable multiple of a telescope is related to the caliber and observation method of the telescope, that is, the large diameter can be appropriately higher; the observation with the triangle fixed, can be higher than the handheld observation.

If you buy handheld binoculars, between 7 to 10 times is enough, preferably not more than 12 times.Otherwise, the higher the multiple, the smaller and darker the observation field of view is, and the observation effect decreases, especially the jitter brought by the high multiple is also greatly increased, so that the observation scene cannot be stabilized.

(2) Caliber

The larger the caliber, the larger the observation field of view and brightness, which is conducive to the observation in dim light, but the larger the diameter, the larger the volume, which can generally be selected between 30 and 50 ㎜ according to the needs.

(3) Field of view

The larger the field of view, the wider, brighter and more comfortable the observation range is. Regular military telescopes generally adopt a wide-angle large field of view design.

(4) Plated film

The effect of the lens coating is to reduce the reflection, make the light transmittance is added, increase the observation brightness, the color of the coating needs to be determined according to the optical materials and design, the lighter the coating, the smaller the reflection, the better.

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(5) Price

A famous brand of a telescope in the international market, its performance is very good, exquisite packaging technology, but the general price is more than two or three thousand yuan, relatively speaking, with the same high performance of the regular Russian telescope only in the packaging and technology is inferior, but the price is much lower, very suitable for the choice of working class.

3. Conclusion

When you have confirmed that you are buying monoculars, the brand choice is heavier than the price, because the general brand better manufacturer made the telescope regardless of the price, at least the quality is guaranteed.The Apexel’s 6X monoculars are great, easy to carry, with a lens lid, an upgraded BAK4 prism and FMC lens to eliminate reflection, providing an ultra-clear and bright view even under low-light night vision.

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