Precautions for using Monoculars

If you do not observe the distant objects only by the naked eye without any equipment or equipment, you believe that anyone can not see the specific form of the distant object clearly.To solve this situation, humans have invented telescopes.For telescopes, people will not feel strange, its appearance is greatly convenient for people to observe long-distance things or things.There are many kinds of telescopes, among which, the most important one is the monoculars. Here’s a look at precautions for using monoculars.

Precautions for using Monoculars

First: when we use binoculars outdoors, we must pay attention to safety, remember not to dual-purpose, such as example, can not use monoculars while walking, otherwise it may be easy to fall, which will affect your own safety.So we should pay attention to not be dual-purpose.

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Second point: monoculars has an advantage is that you can use one eye to watch, see for a long time can change another eye, which will help the link of the eye fatigue, but the use of a long time must open that eye, it is also good.

Third point: to consider the pupil distance, the larger the pupil distance, the more suitable with the eyes to watch. If you need to bring the eyes, it is better to adjust the pupil distance to the maximum, so that you can more clearly see the distance.

Fourth point: In order to prevent monoculars from falling and knocking against monoculars, when using monoculars on the triangle frame, we must often check whether the screws are fastened, especially before the monoculars move, but also to tighten the tripod screws to prevent accidental loss.Or use a hanging rope to hang a monocular on your hand or neck, so that you won’t drop it to the ground and your telescope won’t get hurt.

Fifth point: monoculars connected to the triangle, the center of gravity must be balanced, the photographer should not stay away from the equipment, to prevent the fall of the wind falling to the ground or tripod failure.Your monocular scaffold is not solid enough and you can pair your monocular shelf with heavy weight.

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Sixth point: Monoculars should be equipped with very suitable protective cases for easy carrying and movement.When riding, encounter bumpy road, you can well carry monoculars on the shoulder or as for the legs, can effectively play a earthquake effect.In addition, monoculars can be removed from the tripod to prevent the accidental shedding of the telescope.

Seventh point: After the binoculars are stained with dust and stains, you can use a lens brush to remove the dust first, and then wipe it clean with a lens pen or lens cloth.

Eighth point: Moisture-proof is necessary, especially in the south, the plum rain season should pay attention to, wet must wipe clean, and then put it in the moisture-proof box, no conditions can be put on the bookshelf.

The ninth point: Do not aim monoculars at the sun, which can hurt the eyes and retina.This is one of the considerations you must remember to use monoculars.If you have to look at the sun with a monocular, be sure to use a protective mirror, or bring a protective glass and then look at the sun.

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