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Quality assurance(QA) of Apexel comprises administrative and procedural activities implemented in a quality system so that requirements and goals for an optical product, solution, or service will be fulfilled. QA includes management of the quality of raw materials, assemblies, products and components, services related to production, and management, production, and inspection processes. As:

Incoming Quality Control
Component and material quality is a key determinant of finished optical quality, So Apexel attaches great importance to incoming quality control(IQC).

Process Quality Control
The process quality control of Apexel is intended to ensure that product quality adheres to meets or the requirements of the client. Through the process of quality control, the product quality will be maintained, and the manufacturing defects will be examined and refined.

Apexel has a history of designing innovative, next generation optical solutions ranging from ultra-precision microscopes,medical solutions and infrared (IR) solutions for photography,industrial, automotive, security and photonics applications.

Optic material detection: Testing the performance of Optical glass materials.
Copper clad wire detection: Testing enameled wire pinhole, pressure resistance.
RoHS: three Rohs tester:confirm the Material verification test.
Package material test: Test compressive strength.
Stiffness tester :Testing the hardness of parts materials.
PCB board: Testing different circuit boards with different requirements.

Drop paint machines: Rotor drip insulation paint, drip encapsulation equipment. Rotor Material Reduction Balance Machine: Correct the balance of the rotor to reduce vibration. Commutator turning surface inspection: Testing the dimensions between the commutator segments after turning the rotor, BAR  TO  BAR  TIR   ROUNDNESS. Performance runner: Testing Inter-chip resistance, resistance to Bar, turn-to-turn, insulation resistance. Hi-pot Tster: Test the withstand voltage of motor and other insulating materials.
High and low temperature test: Test ambient temperature, equipment operating temperature, actual temperature of parts, etc.
MTF: Test optical lens performance.
Durability test: test the normal running time of the optical equipment when the motor is no load or simulated load.

A full range of testing ensures our Optical products survives varying levels of temperature, humidity, solar radiation, and other challenges posed by the outdoor environment.
It’s tested that the working condition of our products is -20 ℃~+80℃, so they can be installed in most regions and countries around the world.
Lab testing is also carried out to evaluate our devices’ performance and heat dissipation in exposure to solar radiation.

To ensure protection against damage and violence, we use special lens for our device’s screen and put it under a dropping test as quality assurance.
Drop a steel ball of 1 KG over the glass under test to simulate on-site damage;
The glass will remain intact when the dropping height is less than 1.2m, and will only break when the dropping height is more than 1.3m.

Quality System Certificate

For Apexel, quality assurance is not just a technical certification but also an employee philosophy. An atmosphere of solution-oriented cooperation and dialog contributes to the total quality consciousness that is embodied by every employee in our Group.
All Apexel products are manufactured with high quality, undergo a full range of testing in our high-tech laboratory, and successfully pass a series of certifications verified by different countries.

Certificate of authority
Certificate of authority


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