Security and Surveillance Lenses

Apexel Optic security surveillance lens has a full range of megapixels, including zoom lenses from wide angle to telephoto, zoom lenses for long-distance monitoring, and camera module lenses.

Security and Surveillance


Apexel Optic's lenses are ideal for the security and surveillance industry. Whether traditional security lens assemblies such as CCTV cameras require precision optical lenses, or product designs require the latest biometric scanning lenses, Apexel Optic has lenses for many security and surveillance applications. Designed for security and surveillance needs, as well as digital photography, barcode scanning, machine vision and video conferencing applications. Not only in a range of indoor environments, but also in harsh outdoor natural environments such as storms and low temperatures, and in advanced systems required to work with applications such as image analysis and night vision.

apexel optic Security and Surveillance Lenses

Application Field

Shopping Mall Security Monitoring


Developing lenses that stay ahead of the times at AI stores and so on for crime prevention or marketing

National Security

Control functions and high-resolution images for long-range zoom lenses required to withstand a range of environments

A man withdraws money in the bank


From inside to outside, as well as behavior detection,we offer lenses that can cover a diverse range of areas

High-speed railway, public transportation safety monitoring


A lineup optimized for all the environments of railways and facilities around the world

Apexel has full design capability paired with years of manufacturing experience allowing us to produce any special lens…. in any quantity!

If you are looking for custom lens assemblies for your medical system, please feel free to talk to our experts. We can provide professional advice and assistance for your lens components.


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