Telescope bird-watching knowledge

Birds are among the most colorful, lively, and easily found wildlife in our environment.  When feeding the belly was no longer a problem, people in pursuit of elegance found more pleasure in watching birds dance beautifully than in cooking and eating them, and bird-watching became fashionable.  Instead of shotguns, people began to come to the woods, swamps, and beaches with goggles, big and small, to watch and photograph birds without disturbing them.  Now let’s learn a little bit about telescope bird-watching knowledge.

Telescope bird-watching knowledge

1. What is birding?  

Bird-watching is an environmentally aware leisure activity in which wild birds are observed through telescopes.  When the holiday is time, with friends to nature, in the mountains, fields, beaches, lakes, grasslands and other environments, under the premise of not affecting the normal activities of birds, to appreciate the natural beauty of birds, understand the relationship between birds and the natural environment as well as the relationship between humans and birds.  Birding mainly refers to the observation of wild birds, except for the observation of caged birds.  

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2. The advantages of bird-watching  

Bird-watching can be close to nature, happy mood, exercise, enrich life;  Bird watching can learn ecological knowledge, enhance environmental awareness, increase natural science knowledge, improve their scientific literacy;  Bird watching can also obtain data on environmental factors, providing basic knowledge for protecting birds and the ecological environment.  

3. Where to go bird-watching?  

Anywhere there are birds, parks, suburbs, whatever.  Birds are all around you. City parks, botanical gardens, suburban woods, orchards, farmland, wetlands, rivers, and mountain forests are all places to watch birds.  Of course, you can also travel to areas with high numbers of birds to watch birds.  Birds are a part of our environment, and if you look for them, they’re always there.  

4. What kind of people are suitable for bird-watching?  

No matter in what place, in what season, this kind of activity is suitable for men, women, and children.  Bird-watching is a very common activity nowadays, so if you are interested in birds and photography, you can go bird-watching.  

5. Precautions for bird watching  

First of all, bird watching is to watch the birds in nature, must pay attention to safety, especially in the forest bird watching, do not go to the steep hill.  Then when watching birds, try to keep hidden and quiet, do not frighten, chase wild birds, so that they can be comfortable foraging and rest.  Watch from a distance. Do not disturb birds up close, and do not break into their nests to frighten and disturb them.  If it is in the appearance of birds, but also to protect the public environment, not littering.  Finally, do not use flash when photographing birds, or they will scare them away.  

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Can telescopes be used for bird watching?

Telescopes are popular among birdwatchers. By offering higher magnification than binoculars, they add a new dimension to birdwatching.

What can you learn from bird watching?

With their voices, plumage patterns, colors, and antics, birds invite us to learn about them and the ecosystems they inhabit. If you start birdwatching, you’ll start to pay closer attention to nature.

What magnification do you need for bird watching?

For general birdwatching, lower magnifications such as 7x or 8x are recommended, especially if you also use a telescope.

Can you use a telescope to look at wildlife?

Most telescopes can be used for terrestrial viewings such as bird watching, scenery, sports, or even for wildlife viewing. Users can also take pictures of different scenic views, wildlife, and nature in general.

How do birds inspire us?

Since the earliest times of man, birds have inspired our deepest imaginations. Fearless and free in the sky, birds make us wonder, what would it be like to fly? While none of us can sprout wings, we can all simply observe and learn from these beautiful creatures on how to create a beautiful life.

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