Please browse the below and believe all things previous to your purchase and use toward our WordPress themes & plugins. Upon your continuing to transfer and buy any Material or Product on the market on themeansar.com indicates that you just have absolutely understood and herewith conform to be certain by these terms and conditions consequently.

All purchases at Apexeloptic website unit lined by our “fifteen (15) days Refund Policy”. Usage of our merchandise for fifteen days, can assure of our top-quality Themes or Plugins and in case you’re not convinced, you’ll arouse refund, which might be punctually processed back for you. Please browse the rules governing the refund policy.

Refund isn’t applicable when fifteen (15) days. from the date of your product purchase.
The refund amount is up to the acquisition fee minus the discount (if any).
A refund would be denied in abuse cases, with abnormally high numbers of downloads among the fifteen (15) days.

ThemeAnsar reserves the right to refuse refunds if any efforts of refund policy abuse are detected. it’s been discovered that a number of the users are wild downloading all products so inquiring for a refund and once more re-signup once a new product is launched so once more elicit refund.

We provide support via the queries & Answers section and email support@themeansar.com and area unit committed to the 24hrs timeframe throughout weekdays only. Otherwise, your queries are going to be answered within the next working days and it might take longer throughout weekends.
We only give support to our direct users who purchase our WordPress product from totally different channels. Please browse our Support Policy for a lot of details.

We accept Paypal only. If you are not familiar with Paypal, read this useful introduction for more information.
Product delivery

As soon as your payment is cleared and we have successfully received your payments, you will then get notified via email to download availability.

Price Changes
ThemeAnsar reserves the right to change, modify the price of ThemeAnsar products and membership at any time. A notice is provided at any time by posting the changes to our website. Users who have purchased our product or renewed membership before the changes, won’t be tormented by the changes.

Copyright Removal
You are allowed to get rid of all copyrights relating to our merchandise. feat credits to themeansar.com are very suggested and appreciated.

ThemeAnsar themes are provided as “it is” and are NOT implied by any mean that they will be compatible with all available WordPress versions or any kind of 3rd party components and plugins.

Support towards 3rd party components and plug-ins are not guaranteed for compatibility.

The terms are applicable for changes from time to time and are at themeansar.com’s sole discretion. We hold the reserved rights to modify our terms without prior notice. We recommend users frequently check back on this page for any future available changes we may have.

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