The definitive guide to choosing the best telescope

For those who like to travel, or like outdoor activities, a good telescope can allow them to see better and farther scenery.  But when we choose telescopes many times, we always encounter more problems, from the price of the telescope to the quality of the telescope, because a lot of people are not in contact with much, so how do we choose the best telescope in life?  Read this guide to help you decide which telescope to buy.  

Choosing the Best Telescope  

(1) The key to the field of view  

Field of view is what you can see through binoculars.  The larger the multiplier, the narrower the field of view.  The representation field of view is the product of the multiplier and real field of view.  The larger the field of view, the easier it is to aim and track the target.  

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(2) Material of telescope  

General telescope materials have three cases, the first is all plastic telescope, the second is a mixture of plastic and metal structure, and the third is all metal.  Toy mirrors are mostly made of plastic.  Online sales are also in the second case.  A few are all metal, and the price is certainly not cheap.  

(3) Parallel line performance  

Good binoculars show the flat lines of the object as perfectly as the naked eye can see it.  For buildings or other flat objects with distinct horizontal or vertical lines, this can be easily verified by looking at whether the edges of the lines remain sharp or tend to curve.  

(4) Coating  

Telescope coating, there are two kinds, blue film and green film.  As for the red film, it’s useless.  Judge lens coating stand or fall, observe lens namely glance, glance darker, the lens is more fully, the coating is better, conversely bad.  

(5) True color, clear image  

When we buy binoculars, we do so because we want to look through them and view objects in true color and with the best possible resolution.  If you want to get such images, don’t buy cheap binoculars from an unknown manufacturer.  It’s always better to pay a little more for binoculars from a well-known brand.  They always have binoculars on a budget.  

(6) Magnification  

Choose binoculars with magnification as high as 12 times.  With magnification up to 12 times and a price of around $100- $200, the quality of the binoculars will be very good.  

You will get excellent image quality.  If you choose anything more powerful than 12x magnification, the image quality will not be as perfect as using 4x, 6x, 8x, 10x, or 12x binoculars.  

For sporting events, theater magnification of 2x or 4x, or 6x would be great.  If you are hunting, then 10X, and 12X would be a good choice.  For travel or birding, I think 8x or 10x magnification is ideal.  For astronomical purposes, magnifications of 16x, 20x, and 25x are ideal.  

The lens should be at least 60mm.  For example, 15×60, 20×60, 20×80, 25×70, 25×80 are ideal for astronomical purposes.  

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(7) Price  

A lot of times when you’re choosing a telescope, you can just choose the right one in terms of price.  The general price of the telescope at the price of more than 100 yuan is basic to use.  We all have a purpose when we use a telescope.  Most of the time, it is only used as an auxiliary outdoor tool, so choosing a moderately priced tool is enough to use.  

We bought in general, choose ten times eight times or telescope is enough to use, is this also the mainstream market multiples of the telescope, when selecting a telescope, telescope for low prices are generally don’t need to think about, but a lot of quality is the cost price of the telescope is in one hundred yuan.  Apexel’s telescopes are cheap and good.  You can choose to buy online or offline.  

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