Things to know when buying a telescope

Telescope are an indispensable tool for every outdoor enthusiast. But many photographers don’t have much knowledge of the performance of the telescope and how to choose them, so that the telescope don’t have much use or effect. Here, I’ll give you somethings to know when buying a telescope.

1. What caliber is better to choose?

The larger the caliber of the telescope, often the better the observation effect, but the more expensive the volume, the heavier the weight, the small caliber observation effect is almost, but the small weight is easy to carry.Generally hand-holding 20-50 mm caliber double cylinder, if the tripod, the caliber can choose 50-100 mm.

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2. Choose a Paul prism telescope or a ridge prism telescope?

Paul prism advantage is low price, good effect, but the volume and the same size of ridge prism telescope is about 40% larger, recent observation distance, not suitable for close observation ridge prism telescope advantage is small weight, good portability, recent observation close, suitable for bird watching, but high technical requirements, cheap models can not obtain good picture quality; only several telescope brands are recommended.

3. Is the greater the magnification of the telescope, the better?

No, the larger the magnification, that the distant target is larger in the field of view, but also means that the actual field of view becomes smaller, meaning that the light flux into the telescope decreases, or that the target you see becomes dim and blurred.At the same time, the magnification rate is too large, will cause shaking is not easy to hold, but also will cause eye fatigue, is not conducive to observation

4. Does doubling binoculars work?

There are often many problems, complex structure, high failure rate, serious imaging distortion, narrow vision, light axis is easy to offset, most serious brand telescope manufacturers do not produce doubled binoculars.

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5. Which one is good for binoculars and monoculars?

Binoculars have symmetrical left and right lenses for easy binoculars with monocular observation.However, we cannot arbitrarily think that binoculars are better.Generally speaking, the doubling rate of binoculars is higher than binoculars, which can put distant objects larger. Although the doubling rate of binoculars is lower than binoculars, it can get a stereo sense because it can be observed with both eyes.At the same time, due to the low doubling rate, it can be used by hand, with better portability.And because of its wide vision, it is more suitable for watching outdoor sports games.

6. Is it necessary to charge nitrogen and be waterproof?

Generally speaking, the use of nitrogen-filled and waterproof telescopes has a longer service life, the interior is not easy to grow mildew and fog, the northern climate is dry, this problem is not very serious, the south is more humid, for not waterproof telescopes, be sure to ensure that the storage environment is dry!The simple treatment is to seal the telescope with a sealed plastic bag, the bag can put a package of desiccant!

7. Which brand of telescope to choose?

This question is difficult to answer, everyone has their own opinion.The main thing is to choose the telescope that is suitable for you.Some businesses in their own product details page, the propaganda is very exaggerated and provocative, easy to stimulate the shopping desire, but in fact, the quality of the telescope is very rubbish.

So the best thing is to buy it offline, and you can personally experience the visual effect of the telescope.You can also choose a big telescope brand, in the optics, workmanship is guaranteed. The apexel telescope I have been buying is very good and cost-effective. You can buy a pair of telescopes and believe you will feel worth it for money.

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