How to use macro lenses in mobile phone photography?

Macro can possibly transform the information of life into unusual photos. Read on to learn how to use macro lenses in mobile phone photography.

1. What is a macro?

I think you have seen many macro functions. It’s not very easy to observe the nude eye “tiny points” such as stamens, ants, magnified numerous times after the pictures. The result can possibly be called surprising.

2. What are the benefits of utilizing a macro lens in a mobile?

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The initial point to find out about macro is the magnifying, which is the proportion of the dimension of the photo to the real dimension of the topic. For instance, if you intend to photo a blossom with a size of 21.6mm, it will load fifty percent relocation of a 35mm sensing unit (the angled size is 43.3mm). In the pictures, the blossoms have a magnifying of 43.3∶21.6 or concerning 2∶1.

In real capture, the most significant benefit of cellphones compared to electronic cameras is that they can possibly contend with close quarters. The restricted range of an SLR is about 750px, as well as the telephone, can possibly generally shoot near to the topic. The benefit of shut capturing is that it’s much less complicated to expand the percentage of the capturing item. Ordinary electronic camera lenses do not have macro lenses, so just expert macro lenses can possibly be utilized to accomplish 1:2 or 1:1 capturing. Cellphones can possibly normally accomplish a 1:2 magnifying proportion, It can also be quickly scaled up to 1:1 with the help of a smartphone macro lens.  

Along with the capturing range, another benefit of smartphone macro digital photography is the deepness of area, which is specifically what is required to obtain a removed image of an item at close quarters. To accomplish a lengthy deepness of area on an SLR, utilize a tiny aperture over F13, which will create long-term direct exposure time, as well as utilize a tripod. Phones can possibly be hand-held without bothering with the deepness of the area.

In regards to capturing angles, cellphones likewise have a wonderful benefit. Generally, they can possibly accomplish 360 levels without dead angle omnidirectional capturing, while the video cam in shut range capturing is mainly neglected, often so as to get a degree or up angle, will be worn out fifty percent dead, the result is not perfect.

3. How to use macro lenses in mobile phone photography?

First, mount the outside macro lens of the mobile, as well as concentrate the outside lens on the mobile lens. Utilize a unique cleansing device or a soft towel to tidy the video cam in the past by taking photos. Installment techniques are approximately split into clip kind, top kind as well as covering kind. Each has advantages and disadvantages, has covered the mobile phone case that can not be used cap type and shell type, installation angle of the clip is suitable for most mobile phones, but cap type, shell type stability is the best.


Second, mobile phone macro photography skills focus on the following points:

① Pay attention to focus, lighting, composition, and highlighting.

② Be careful not to get too close, pay attention to the light, use a good depth of field.

③ Image obscure will certainly influence the total impact of the work, so the smartphone should be strongly grasped, you can possibly open up constant capturing, a couple of more shots, the success price enhanced.

Focus, it’s a delicate job on your hands.

The concentrate is the essential point when capturing a macro with your telephone. The crucial thing is to locate the very best range for your telephone to take a macro. Do not believe it is simple. Concentrating isn’t really the phone’s solid match. You can not manage the concentrate as precisely as an SLR can possibly.

If you wish to accomplish great manage, can possibly “obtain recommendation”, is to locate simple to concentrate things, and the primary body of your capturing close to the area of the very same straight line, utilizing a cellphone for recommendation completely concentrate initially, and manage in the fastest range, a smartphone just like yours(basic mobile concentrate response is slow), after that remove the telephone to and fro gradually up till the image is clearest and push the shutter switch.

Some phones have a unique macro setting that can possibly be switched on while capturing. It makes it much less complicated to manage the concentrate, or otherwise, remove the telephone to and fro to locate the very best range. You can possibly likewise utilize an APP like Camera+ or BigLens. The previous has actually satisfying concentrating precision and rate, and can possibly establish the concentrate and direct exposure factor individually, while the last has actually special aperture management.

Light, the magic tool to win!

For a great picture, light is crucial. In macro digital photography, the professional digital photographer can surely obstruct the light if he is not cautious. Mobile professional digital photographers are occasionally also concentrated on what is on the display to discover this. I recommend you prepare a little flashlight, or a little light, which can surely play a large function. Don’t use your phone’s flash, shoot too close and the front flash will make the picture go pale.


A macro light resource can surely be positioned behind or sideways of the topic as opposed to on the front. Backlight can surely make the topic more clear and also three-dimensional.

To the leading of the light, and afterward from all-time low up, the very same backlight, in capturing angle, the benefit of the telephone is also apparent.

It’s additionally vital to regulating the range and also the strength of the light. Too much light will overexpose the subject and destroy the outline of the subject. Utilize soft light results is much far better. You can surely place a white fabric on the flashlight or working light, allowing the light to be softer.

Readjust the light range and also utilize a soft light.

You may believe that “bokeh” and also “deepness of area” are just for expert digital photography. However, as a matter of fact, mobile digital photography can surely utilize these strategies to boost its very own function. The DOF of an SLR video cam relies on 3 aspects: the appearance of the video cam lens, the focal size of the lens made use of, and also the range of the video cam. Nonetheless, there’s just one last element that the telephone can surely regulate: how much the video cam is taken. The better you reach the topic, the more apparent the deepness of the area ends up being.

2 points to keep in mind concerning mobile macro digital photography are that bokeh can surely additionally impact the general appearance of an item. As a result, we pick the scene to lessen the variety of items in the lens and also emphasize the topic. Even if the object is out of focus, it should be associated with the subject. The 2nd factor is that image obscure can surely impact the general result of the function. So the phone must be steady, focused to be patient.  

If you aren’t acquainted with macro lenses, you can visit Apexel’s website. You can surely check out the relevant macro lens items. There are expert teams that will certainly be solutions for you. You can also send your questions to Apexel’s email:


What is the purpose of a macro lens in mobile?

Simply, a macro lens is designed for short-distance photography. It is used to take detailed pictures of small objects, so it can focus at a shorter range than other lenses. 

What is the macro lens for the phone?

Close-up shots of insects and plants can be taken with mobile phones and macro lenses.  “Macro photography” is the use of extreme close-ups of the subject to make it look life-size or larger in the final image.  

How to choose a macro lens?  

For most macro photography, ultra-wide apertures are usually too soft.  A macro lens is a great addition for any photographer. Look for a lens with a ratio of at least 1:1 to get extreme close-ups. Consider the minimum focal length, as well as the focal length of the lens.

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