Use method and precautions of oil mirror

(1) Use the method of oil mirror

First, when using the microscope oil mirror, be sure to put the microscope upright on the table, can not bend the mirror arm, leading to the table tilt, put on the cedar oil flow out, affecting the appearance and dirty the table.  

Second, for light, when natural light is used as the light source, the plane reflector can be used. When artificial light is used as the light source, the concave mirror can be used to open the aperture first, and rotate the reflector, so that the light is concentrated on the collector. You can move the collector up and down or reduce the aperture according to needs.  Get the ideal normal low luminosity or at high magnification observation object or oil mirror test without dyeing samples, you need to drop collector or narrow aperture, dimming, if the oil mirror test without dyeing samples, luminosity is stronger, the brightness of the microscope should be an adjustment to the brightest, aperture fully open, collector.  


(2) Matters needing attention  

First, before the operation, be sure to observe with a low power lens and a high power lens, and then further move the enlarged part to the center of the field of vision.  

Second, set the light collector to the highest position and set the aperture to the maximum.  

Third, turn the converter, make the high-power lens away from the light hole, drop a drop of cedar oil on the glass slide where you need to observe, and then slightly turn the oil mirror, when changing the oil mirror, watch the distance between the lens and the glass slide horizontally from the side, make the lens immersed in the oil, do not crush the glass slide.  

Fourth, look into the eyepiece with your left eye and slowly turn the adjuster until the image becomes clear.  If there is no objective lens or the target is not ideal for research, it should press the low power – high power – oil immersion procedure when re-searching outside the refueling area, and it should press the low power – oil immersion procedure when re-searching inside the refueling, and it should not go through the high power lens to prevent oil stains on the lens.  

Fifth, after the use of the oil mirror, first dip in xylene with wipe paper lens and sample on the sesame oil to wipe, finally wipe clean mirror paper.  

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