5 advantages of using an 85mm prime lens for portrait photography

Do you like portrait photography?  In portrait photography, there are a lot of photographers who will use the prime lens to shoot portraits, especially the 85mm prime lens, now gradually many photography enthusiasts are shooting portraits wan with an 85mm prime lens, so why should portrait photography use 85mm prime lens?  Here’s a look at the top 5 advantages of using an 85mm prime lens for portrait photography.  

5 advantages of using an 85mm prime lens for portrait photography  

(1) It has a beautiful virtual effect  

85mm the focal length itself can bring a good highlight of the main body, the effect of the focus outside the blur, plus 85mm focus is generally the largest aperture is relatively large, even the relatively cheap version, also has a large F /1.8 aperture, so the appropriate focal length with a larger aperture, bring the blur effect is very strong.  Especially for shooting portrait subjects, the blur is just right, unlike super-telephoto lens at an excessive blur, foreground, the background blur effect is more natural.  

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(2) Better capture the mood of the subject  

Many of the best photographers in the world are highly regarded because they are so good at telling stories.  Capturing the mood of your subject is one of the best ways to improve your storytelling skills, and it’s much easier to do this if you have an 85mm lens.  

With an 85mm lens, you will be naturally close to the model’s face.  Most importantly, you can capture the feeling in their eyes and bring more life to your photos.  

When you successfully capture people’s emotions, your photos will be more memorable.  So if you want to build a photography business, you’ll stand out more in front of clients — and increase your visibility on social media.  

(3) Give your topic more room  

Many people suddenly lose confidence when standing in front of the camera, and models have to do a lot of work to improve this skill.  Whether you’re working with experienced people or complete novices, you can give them more room by using a longer focal length.  

The 85mm lens is great for portrait photography because it is not invasive;  Your subject has more freedom to move naturally and strike the pose he likes.  You’ll get better results, resulting in satisfied customers and a better business mix.  

(4) Excellent background bokeh and excellent theme  

Another advantage of the 85mm lens is that it allows you to take portraits with excellent background bokeh due to the maximum aperture of the lens (small F value).  Background blurring is an extremely important factor in portrait photography.  By blurring the background, you can more effectively depict your subject’s facial expressions and other details, reducing the impression of a chaotic background.  In addition, large apertures (F / 1.8, F / 1.4, F / 1.2) make shooting in low light conditions easier.  

Have a clear/blurry effect and use the right aperture so that the details of the subject are just right for the photographer.  For example, specify the pattern of an eye, a face, or hair from nose to back…  All the rest of it is blurry.  When using this effect, the photographer usually wants the background to be blurry to highlight the subject.  However, we cannot use the maximum aperture in all cases.  In addition to background removal, the description of the subject is a determining factor in the success of the photo.  

(5) The photographer can keep a reasonable communication distance with the subject.  

In the photographer’s shooting process, the 85mm focal segment can keep a good shooting distance between the photographer and the subject, unlike the super-telephoto lens. If you want to shoot a whole body, the photographer needs to run far, and communication with the subject needs to rely on Shouting;  You don’t have to be as close to your subject as you would with a wide-angle lens.  85mm brings the distance between the photographer and the subject to be just the right distance for normal communication, and it will not give people a very aggressive lens, so it is a very suitable lens for portrait shooting.  

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The 85mm prime lens is known for capturing beautiful portraits.  Its relatively lightweight, fast speed, and wide aperture also make it an excellent event lens.  

The 85mm lens is ideal for all types of portrait photography.  You’ll get outstanding photos that make your subjects look better, and you can use the lens at night as well as during the day.  These shots are usually so sharp that you can eliminate the background dispersion factor without spending hours editing.  While an 85mm lens is very expensive, buying one is a worthwhile investment if you plan to take selfies in the long term.  

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