What to Know About Buying the Best Telescope (part 1)

With so many telescopes on the market, you can only be confused by such a wide selection.  Of course, some of these telescopes are good and some are bad.  No one wants to buy a product that won’t work after using it once or twice.  A good telescope can become an addiction, while a bad one can set you down for life and make you feel like you never want to buy one again.  

Because there are huge differences in optics, quality matters.  Not everyone can afford high-quality optics.  Of course, if you can’t afford it, that’s no big deal.  You can always pick up some good, inexpensive telescopes, like Apexel’s, some of which are pretty good.  Read on to find out what to know about buying the best telescope.

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What to Know About Buying the Best Telescope

(1) Resist the temptation of low prices, carefully choose and buy products, pay attention to whether the performance is consistent with the description  

At present, the lowest price in the market can reach 10 yuan.  The price war is a well-tried weapon in the street, often some friends are unscrupulous vendors of low prices and dark lies.  Even though the price was very cheap, I bought a pile of garbage.  For example, there are various colorful “military telescopes” and “Russian telescopes” that are common in the market. Generally, vendors charge more than 200 yuan to 80 yuan. Is it very cheap?  

Yiwu wholesale market this kind of products only sell more than 20 yuan, the workshop cost compression can play to the extreme, is by the theory of kilogram purchase of optical wool glass price, this price is not enough to buy and process such a telescope optical wool glass.  So how did this telescope come about?  It’s simple. Plastic with a little bit of window glass.  Therefore, the user friends in the purchase of telescopes must be carefully judged according to the above principles, pay attention to whether the performance of the product is consistent with the description, and do not listen to the peddler’s one side of the story too, so as not to be deceived.  

(2) Focus on the telescope bracket  

Many telescope enthusiasts spend a lot of money on the primary mirror of the telescope, ignoring the importance of the tripod, equatorial instrument, theodolite, horizon support, and other supports.  It was only when I used a telescope that I found the bracket so wobbly that it was impossible to see.  Although the telescope bracket is attached to the telescope, its importance can not be ignored.  Especially at high magnification, the telescope’s field of view will deviate from the target due to a slight wobble.  

(3) Determine the optical system structure and rate range of the telescope according to its use  

The ultimate goal of buying a telescope is to be comfortable to use, so identifying the primary purpose is the first step in choosing a telescope. It determines the next step.  You can imagine, if the main purpose is to watch sports games, then the purchase of a large telescope, the actual use will feel heavy and clumsy, not long lift wrist sore, where there is a good mood to watch the game.  

Also, the ratio is not the bigger the better, because it is magnified not just your viewing Angle, zoom in and shake hands at the same time, in general, the optimum ratio of the human eye-hand observation on land is 6 to 12 times, and in six to eight times the best, after more than a dozen times because the view Angle and the pupil diameter is small, the shaking of a man’s hand were multiplied,  Hand-held observation is more difficult.  That’s why most military telescopes are in this range.  

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(4) Don’t blindly think big  

A large-aperture telescope is not a dream, but you must do what you can.  The resolution of large telescopes is higher than that of small telescopes, but the speed of thermal balance, portability, and other aspects of the telescope are greatly inferior to small telescopes.  And if you live in an area where the atmosphere is very unstable, even buying a large telescope is a bit of a pain, and you may end up finding that the big telescope is not as good as the small mirror in your hand.  

Because the atmosphere wobbles, telescope images at high power look like water, making it impossible to see details.  City light pollution is serious, and all kinds of air pollution are getting worse.  You have to take your telescope out to the countryside.  Since large telescopes don’t have the portability of small telescopes, they can be very inconvenient to carry around if you don’t own a car.  

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